November is almost to a halt. With it goes this years “mens-health awareness” campaign. The Mo-vember movement is about to end.

I decided to place some photographic focus on men with beards this month. As silly as it might seem, the effect of such an awareness campaign is not to be disputed. All of the men I spoke to on the streets had heard of the Mo-vember thing, and actually knew what it stood for. As a health care professional I cannot help but to support these kinds of campaigns. With information comes knowledge comes action.

So men! Take care of your own health. Not only in november.

Maybe you can spot the selfie amongst the bunch. 😉

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  1. nafisahmed73 says:

    your BW photos look too much dramatic ☺ .

    1. jr050680 says:

      Haha. I like them this way. Not for female models, but for male models I love the coarse high contrast look


  2. Bama says:

    Those photos are absolutely beautiful! I am normally not a big fan of BW photos, but I really enjoyed this series of portrait images. As with the selfie one, hmm it’s really hard to tell. But I’m going to guess the guy at the lower left with the glasses.

    1. jr050680 says:

      Thank you Bama.

      and you’re right about the selfie.


  3. WarFnEagle says:

    It’s all about the contrast, and B&W is the pure drama colors dilute. You captured a great set. I’m a fan of good work, period. The narrow DOF of a portrait shot caught you off guard on that selfie, but still looks great even so …shot wise that is.

    1. jr050680 says:

      Thank you so much for reading.

      And yeah, selfie control at 2.8 isn’t easy. Hahahah.


  4. skylarmacrae says:

    PLEASE! Tell me if you used a preset to capture the images in both B&W and Color of if you did all of your B&W in post-processing.

    1. jr050680 says:

      Hi skylar

      These are processed raw files. Black and white converted in post

      Thank you for reading

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