No new post since February! – I’m such a total slacker. I apologise sincerely to all of you who are following along. I will give you a promise today, that I will not go for 3+ months from this post until the next one. Thats a promise!

Life has been good, since my last post. I went to visit Stockholm a few weeks ago to attend the FotoMarket at Fotografiska. It was a very nice set of days I spent there, hanging out with the nordic Fujifilm family.
So today’s post is all about that little trip. No text, just random images from Stockholm. Shot on either the X100F, X-Pro2 or GFX50R.




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  1. Love these, so cool. Especially like the yellow/blue combo one.

  2. Niklas says:

    Wow love it, love it all

  3. Beautiful set of photos. Thank as for sharing.

  4. Scott Lawson says:

    Welcome back and thanks for continued inspiration fine sir.

  5. Nice to read you again… I know it’s hard to publish some time, same to me !

  6. anila resuli says:

    Awesome shots! 😍 I am watching from phone but need to check these from mac: are the lenses details written somewhere? Will check later too.
    I always like to see what lenses are used 😊

  7. ien smits says:

    Beautiful! I don’t like people very much but these pics are great!

  8. Bernard Kormoss says:

    As long as the pictures are nice… Don’t worry

    Sincerely Bernard Kormoss

    Envoyé de mon iPad


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