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The Gatlin – Fujinon GF100-200mm f/5.6 first look review

I actually promised myself. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be writing my thoughts on this lens. My life has been very very hectic during the course of the last couple of months, so I don’t really think I have given this lens the amount of attention it deserves for a proper review. And up […]

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Fujifilm X-T3 Review – Next generation X

In the midst of more camera companies stepping up and entering the mirrorless camera market with full frame cameras galore, Fujifilm is launching its next generation APS-C. And make no mistake, the X-T3 is indeed next generation APS-C mirrorless.   The debacle will be inevitable. Should I go “full-frame” or stick with APS-C or even […]

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Fujinon XF200mm f/2 mini review – The Crown jewel of X

Fujifilm made sure to announce lenses at both ends of focal length spectrum today. (You can find my mini-review of the XF8-16mm f/2.8 R LM WR here) – And boy have I been blown away by both of these lenses. I’ve had very limited time with these lenses since I had to send them back […]

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