23mm, 35mm, Black And White, color, Fall, Street, Sun, X-T1GS

Two days of Sun

After being in hiatus for more than 10 days, the sun finally shone on little Denmark. It gave us two straight days of sun before getting caught up behind the ever-heavier grey cloudy blanket that seems to hang only inches above your head, persistently  suffocating and pressing you towards the ground. Photography is a different ballgame […]

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23mm, Black And White, color, Night, Photography, Photography, Street, x100s


This post is somewhat different, but I wanted to show my view of a (quiet) friday night out. 😉 I took along my x100s. This camera never ceases to amaze me. So small, yet so amazingly powerful. The grain it introduces at high ISO’s is so fantastic that the only way to describe it is […]

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23mm, Black And White, Photography, Photography, X-Pro1

At the Wrestlingclub

Aarhus aparently has a wrestling club. I didn’t know it, until I went to a local playground with my kids last sunday. We went inside the big venue that was attached, since it features an activity tower for the kids. Surprised to find a boxing ring, complete with boys and young men, all living out […]

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