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Fujinon GF30mm f/3.5 R WR first look preview

Oh my how the world has changed since my latest blogpost. It seems like forever ago, when in reality it was just 4 months ago. CoVid19 pandemic is still running its course, and things will not be back to normal anytime soon. My day job as a healthcare professional has of course been taking a […]

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Aesthetics is contagious

In addition to my yearlong involvement with the X-Pro3 project which you can read about in my 5200+ word run-through HERE , I was given a chance to do a video on my photography. Obviously centered around the X-Pro3, I really tried to do a video that was more about a part of my photography than […]

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Fujifilm TX-1 – The original XPan

I was in Japan at the beginning of may. Fujifilm very successfully launched the GFX100 (read my first-look here) at their big Fujikina event. This was the second time I went to Tokyo, the first time being in October 2018. You might have seen the 5-post-series reportage on this site. If not, then you can […]

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