23mm, Black And White, color, Photography, Street, X-T1, X-T1GS

13 x 1 x 2

Today I had my first day of 60 days of paternity leave. Being fortunate enough to have 3 children grace my life is something that I can never put into words how much I love. Its simply my raison d’etre. This third time around I decided to take paternity leave for a couple of months. I actually […]

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35mm, 56mm, Beard, Black And White, men, Movember, Portrait, Street, X-T1


November is almost to a halt. With it goes this years “mens-health awareness” campaign. The Mo-vember movement is about to end. I decided to place some photographic focus on men with beards this month. As silly as it might seem, the effect of such an awareness campaign is not to be disputed. All of the […]

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35mm, 56mm, color, Review, X-T1, X-T1GS

Graphite Silver: My X-T1 review part 2b

(Click for Part 1 & Part 2 of the extensive X-T1 review) Sorry for dragging my review of the X-T1 in the long. The reasons herefore are multiple. When Fujifilm annouched the Graphite Silver version of this magnificent camera, I was smitten! The thing just looked amazing. As a sucker for pretty thing I decided to put my “old” […]

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