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Fujifilm X20 – A mini review

So here I am, back with another review. Just shortly after writing my thoughts on the Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0R LM OIS , I aparently felt the need to do yet another Fujifilm equipment review. On friday I was at my local photography store, to get some prints done. And there it was…. in the glass showcase. […]

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15 minutes, 16 people

I was sitting on my apartment building doorstep today. The light was gorgeous with the sun straight in my face, but reflecting into a window to my left, illuminating the faces of the people walking by. I had my camera equipped with a 3 stop ND filter, so I could shoot wide open. Then I […]

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Took a walk today at the old CERES brewery in Århus. They are in the process of tearing it down, so I was actually trespassing. But man, did it contain some cool locations. An old cleansing room, and a building where all the beertanks had been was just some of the great sceneries. All images […]

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The eye contact

As a father of two lovely daughters, I am often surrounded by nieces and playdates with equally wonderful little people of all shapes and sizes. What I find intriguing about photographing these little wonders-of-nature is their  immediate and direct reaction to you as a photographer. If they trust you, they’ll pour their souls out onto […]

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Street 12.12

As december, and the year 2012, comes to a halt, I felt like posting some random street images taken during my christmas break. 2012 gave my the oportunity to take up photography, which I had abandoned somewhat. The reason for my newfound joy is the X-Series from Fujifilm. I bought an x100 in AUgust and […]

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A Trip to OldTown

Took a trip way back down memory lane today. In Århus, we have a huge 1:1 scale museum depicting old city life around the 1900’s. Some great scenery to be found there. I gave the images an authentic S-Curve processing to make them look dated. I think they turned out quite well. All images shot […]

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