Street (2012-2016)


  1. Jonas, inspiring!
    You make it difficult to pass up the Fuji x20 over an xe1 or x100s. Why spend the extra $$$ when the x20 can achieve fantastic quality!
    For me I don’t want it to replace my Nikon D7000. I just want it to be a street camera, something my Nikon D7000 can’t really be.

    1. the x20 is Phenomenal for street! So fast and silent. Good long DOF for those who prefer it (I don’t) It’s a gem of a street camera.


      1. Jonas,
        Are you using the x20 with lens filter or straight lens? I have noticed that there is a lens hood/filter available. Any idea of the effect this would have on B&W photos?

  2. Je suis émerveillé ! Quel regard ! Quelle sensibilité ! Et quelle poésie !
    I own most of the old legacy lenses you use to take these so sensible and poetic pictures, but i’m not able to reach this quality
    crazy jalous am i …..

  3. Very nice street photos. I like the mood of your B&W, some kind of human, some kind of loneliness, some kind of quite…. Good work!

  4. Hi Jonas!

    Loved your works on the street photography a lot! and those really inspire me to improve on my shooting.

    would be appreciated if you could stop by on my instagram @mordechai. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Jonas, very inspiring work, I am enjoying your photography very much. I am now following you on IG. If I may ask, what squarespace template did you use for the365 site. Thank you.

  6. Great street shots, Jonas – thanks. Do you use any in-camera settings for B&W? If so, what are they? I’m still trying to find the right combination!

  7. hello jonas, love your work!
    i have a question about acros jpg files. is it ok to import acros into lightroom without changing grain and details of jpg? i want to be able to use jpg import into lightroom and crop, and maybe adjust exp. when exporting again will the file remain the same. also what settings do u use for acros jpg.
    thank you

  8. Many nice pictures of the city of smiles. Always inspired see the city through by lenses well done 👍

  9. Hi Jonas,

    Really great shots, and also great gear reviews, which are of great interest to me because I am a very happy user of the X-T2.

    It just so happens that I will be in Aarhus On Nov 17; any time to meet up?

    Many thanks

  10. hi Jonas,
    good morning! i love your photos specially your shot with mirror effect i love it so much,,
    i am a beginner and i get shots with my cellphone only can you help me to get more idea,
    thank you!!

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