My name is Jonas Dyhr Rask. I’m a Doctor M.D. graduated from the University of Aarhus. I was an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer from 2014 to 2021.
I have shot all editorial product shots for Fujifilm Global since 2017.

I’m a proud member of the KAGE collective

My photographic inspiration comes from the interplay between humans and their surroundings. Drawing directly from my degree in medicine, my type of street photography seeks to isolate the human element and direct focus towards it, using the cityscape as a stark material contrast. I bring this documentary street photography style to my contract photography work, where I function as a documentary wedding photographer, as well as a portrait photographer.



  1. Hello Jonas,
    I have the strong urge to say that I trully love the way you post process your files.
    They have so much love in them and clarity.

    Can you tell me sth. more about it?

    Do you use LR or just PS? Any other programs (NIK, SVCO)?

    Also I am looking for old FUJINON lenses as well. They really have character, as you clearly showed.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.


    1. Hi Michael.
      Thank you for stopping by, and reading my blog.

      When I process I only use LR. Sometimes I use a VSCO simulation, but mostly I have my own custom presets for each of my lenses and cameras. I really like clarity as well, so the “Clarity” slider in LR is a great starting point. Then I tend to over-expose a bit, so as to get great contrast in B&W. Other than that, slight vignette, and thats it. The X-Trans sensor does the magic 🙂


      1. I agree, the FUJI lenses are magnificent, especially the 35mm f1.4.
        Speaking of FUJI – which adapter are you using to connect the manual M42-FUJINON 50mm f1.4 to your XPro1?
        Any specific brand, you would recommend?

        I also heard, that those lenses suppose to be radioactive. Is that true?


        1. I bought a cheap adapter on ebay… can’t remember the name… it has M42-FX printed on it.

          The old takumars were radioactive. The Fuji’s are not 🙂
          It was the lens coating that was radioactive… crazy back then 😀

      2. Hello Jonas!
        I stumbled upon your blog when looking for Fuji reviews. I absolutely love how you only use LR! I dislike the over-use of Photoshop to tweak photos. You’re a purist like myself. I just switched from cabin
        Canon to Fuji. I am waiting on the X-T10 & the X70 (for my every-day camera). I know I could have gone with the X-T1 but I had to have silver. I am a portrait photographer & want to learn the documentary style of shooting.
        Can you please tell me what’s in your camera bag when you do a wedding?
        Thank you for the great reviews.
        Best regards,

        1. Hi Paul. Thank you so much for stopping by my site!
          When I do weddings I have 2 X-T1’s and an X100T. I have the 35mm f/1.4 and the 56mm f/1.2 on the XT1’s. In addition I bring the 14mm or the 16mm for wideangle shots. /J

          1. Thank you again for the info Jonas. I grew up using a Canon AE-1 & all I had was a 50mm prime. Back then, i didn’t know what a zoom lens was. When using my Canon DSLR’s, I used all the zoom lenses. With my Fuji system, I’m only going with primes. I am starting with the 35mm F2 & I’ll go from there.

      3. Hi Jonas,

        Do you over-expose in camera when you working with the X-Trans sensor? Or just when you edit your pictures in Lightroom?

        I’m shooting with the Fujifilm X-T2. And I have noticed that if I underexposure when I’m shooting, the files gets extremely dark when I import them in to Lightroom.

        Best regards,

  2. Jonas, terrific pics and photoblog. I grew up in Copenhagen and your pictures bring back memories of Denmark. I also happen to be an X-Pro1 shooter! I found your blog via the Fuji X forums, and will check often for updates 🙂

  3. Hey Jonas! Nice blog/site you got going! Nice to see it from a Scandinavian neighbour as well! Keep up the good work!
    Cheers from Sweden,

  4. Love your work! Is it possible that I use one of your pictures (Lampsymmetry) for a canvas? At my home, so just for private purposes. Regards, Maurice (Holland)

  5. Hi Jonas. Great blog and amazing photos. I am new to all this vintage lenses StuffIt. Can you recommend some specificer thrift stores in aarhus for vintage lenses?

    1. Hi mr moestrup.

      Thank you very much for taking an interest in my pictures, and thank you for your kind compliments.

      There really is only one thrift shop in Aarhus for this kind of thing.
      It’s called dacapo and is placed in borggade. He has a lot of vintage equipment. Other than that you should try dba.dk. Lots of great bargains there.

      Take care.


  6. Jonas! Where are you? I miss your posts at Fuji X Forum. I always enjoy your blog posts and photography. I hope things are going well for you and your family and you’ll return soon.

  7. Hey Jonas,
    Love your photos and blog and after several weeks of deciding wether to ditch my Nikon d700 your blog helped me made the decision. 😉

    But I have Some questions if you dont mind answering them.

    I’m planning on buying the xe-2 with 18-55 the Minolta 56 1.4 and the 135 2.8 and the “full frame adapter”
    Would you recommend the fujinon 35 1.4 or give Some extra money and go for the fuji x100s

    What adapter do you use for the 135 2.8? And is it Sharp at f8 with and without the ff adapter?

    And last question do you know of a reasonnably cheap wide lens (zoom or not) 15-18mm (full frame mm)

    Thanks in advance and happy new year allready

    Grz from Belgium

  8. Hej Jonas,

    Super fede billeder!

    Jeg har sendt dig en privat besked på Facebook, men kan se den er havnet i din “Others” folder, da vi ikke er connected.

    Vil du tjekke ved lejlighed?

    På forhånd tak!

  9. Hello Jonas,

    I stumbled upon your website and read some interesting articles about using older lenses on the newer system cameras like the Fuji’s. So I have a question: Do you have any experience in using Minolta AF lenses on a Fuji X-E2 (or Pro 1/X-E1) with a adapter? And which adapter is suitable for the job. I’m planning to sell my Sony A77 and buy myself a X-E2 soon. I have a couple of Minolta AF lenses which I like to give a second life on the Fuji. I have a 50/1.4, 135/2.8 and a 100-300/4.5-5.6.

    greetings from the Netherlands,


  10. Dear Jonas, I have bought a Nokton 40 1.4 and also a Heliar 15 4.5. I would like to use these lenses in combination with my X-pro1. Can you inform me what is your best way of focussing with the X-pro1 in aperture or manual mode, and which corrections you use on your camera for this (these) lenses. Congrats with your lovely pictures! I like them. Best regards and thanks! Hans

  11. Anyone having experience with an x-e1 oder x-e2 using “old” manual lenses (MC, MD,…)? I am thinking of buying one, but I am not sure whether focussing with the manual lenses is easy?!

    1. Hi Stefan

      Focusing with the X-E1 and X-E2 would only be easier than on an X-Pro1 since they have better electronic viewfinders.
      Its very easy to manual focus these old lenses. No problem at all.

      Thank you for reading the blog

      1. Hi Jonas,

        Which vintage lens do you use?
        Is there any vintage 35mm that you’re recommend?

        Thank you very much!

  12. Hi Jonas..
    Your photos are amazing, and your site has been very helpful in my quest for old lenses.

    I`m trying to find a good old lens that is availiable on ebay with a chrome/silver finish, do you have any tips?


  13. Hey Jonas your blog is truly amazing. I loved it. Photographs are full of life, colors and stories. Wonderful . Nice to meet you. See you soon. Have a nice day…:)

  14. Hey Jonas, amazing Blog and Inspiration .thanks for sharing.
    I am using fuji x-e2 with minolta 50mm 1.4, 50mm 3.5 macro and lately the 35mm 2.8. the 35mm is not a fast lens, but i am wondering if you tried it. The IQ is stunning, i would say on par with fujinon 35mm 1.4.
    You have any recommendation regarding 35mm lenses?

    Keep up your good work.


  15. Jonas, can you please send an email to me? Want to discuss one of your images with you…


  16. Hi Jonas–I am wondering what your thoughts are on the X100T vs the X100s…I am seeing near new, used x100s hitting ebay for 700.00USD versus 1,295.00 for the new T version with the same lens and sensor. Wherein lies the added value? Given your great fondness for and deft use of this camera in earlier versions can you comment? I never fail to leave your site inspired–especially that “leg shot”. Thank you, Mark

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  18. Hello Jonas,
    i have one question. Would you be that kind and tell me what kind of adapter would i need for Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F/1.4 lens (C/Y fit) to fit my Fuji X-T1.

    Thank you a lot, Gorazd

  19. Nice to see you jump back from the world of medicine and get a bit of relaxation from photo making.

  20. I came across your IG and it always ring a bell when I see an MD who’s also passionate about photography. I’m still in medicine though. Thanks for the inspiration. I was just wondering if you still practice? I do hope so, after all those sleepless nights. Anyway, I wish you success in both medical and blogging industry.

  21. Hey Jonas, nice site and great photographs. I have family in Aarhus so have visited many times, a recent trip was mainly to take photographs, so it was good to see yours too. I stumbled across your site whilst reading up on old lenses and the Fuji XPro1. I’ve bought a couple of lenses on the strength of your reviews to use with my Panasonic GX1, so thanks for that. Did you ever get around to writing a post on how you restore the finish on your old lenses? I think you briefly mentioned it in your Fujinon 50mm/ f1.4 review (which I know wasn’t recent!)
    Keep up the good work.


  22. Hi Jonas,

    First of all, what a great portfolio you have! It’s really amazing.
    I have x-e2 35mm 1.4. But for some reason I don’t like it THAT much. Would you recommend getting 18-55mm or 23mm prime as a replace of 35mm? I’m into street photography and landscape photography.



  23. Hi from Australia Jonas, I shoot 35mm slide film to produce Polaroid Transfers, a very old dying skill.

    Like many I lusted after getting a Leica M3 to use with a Canon f0.95 lens, but I realised it was just too expensive, and had to be practical. Finally after weeks of research I realised that Leica developed their SLR series with Minolta, mainly because they were so impressed by Minolta’s lenses. I’ve purchased a Minolta X SLR and the 58mm f1.2 which produces images with just as much bokeh for 1/5th the price of Leica + Canon Dream Lens combo. I’m hunting for a few other lenses to shoot in Paris, but needed a way to use these on a digital camera for practicality.

    Although I work with analogue, I need a digital camera as a back up. Sony Alpha was again too much out of my budget, then I discovered your blog and realised with an X Pro-1 and adaptor I could use all the Minolta MC/MD lenses at full frame on a digital, wow, so happy! Plus I love that Fuji camera also have the film presets that mimic Velvia as I shoot Velvia flm.

    Now I have the perfect analogue/digital combination for my travel photography.

  24. Hi Jonas, we’re getting married in Aarhus in October. Can we book you? We like your work!

  25. Hi Jonas,
    First, I have to apologyze for my poor English….
    I am following your blog for a few days and I find it very interesting.
    Your photos are superb, amazing.
    I was very impressed by your pictures with the Helios 44m-April 58 f2 … I bought it and awaiting to get it…
    I am also interested in buying a turbo Mitakon lens.
    In order not to make mistakes, could you tell me the type of lens adapter turbo I have to buy (Zhongyi Lens Adapters worm Turbo II for Fuji X mount cameras (FX) ???).
    I have a Fuji XT1.
    Best regards
    Andre Callewaert

    1. Hi Andre. You need to buy the M42-FX Lens Turbo. But I don’t know if they’re available. Instead you could buy the M42-Canon EF/FD and then buy a small Canon to Fuji ring as well. A lot of people do it this way. /J

  26. Hi Jonas, I have just read your review of X-T10 and then visited your websites… Your pictures are beautiful:-) I have a quick question on you – I have Nikon D7000 + 16-85 + 70-300 lenses but I am already tired taking all these heavy stuff along with me so the situation is that majority of our photos are taken by iPhone which I think is a “bit” pity. Do you think that X-T10 can fully replace above stated DSLR in terms of pictures quality and speed of shooting? Which lens would you recommend for some landscape shooting but mostly taking pictures of my small daughter recently? Thanks a lot.

  27. Hej Jonas,

    I’m an avid reader of your blog since a year ago. Your blog also really inspired my to get my own Fuji camera and lenses.
    Keep the good work coming!

  28. Hi Jonas,
    I would buy a fujifilm x t10.
    What do you think about xf 18mm f2 lens (for street photo)?

    Thank you and congratulations for your photos, very very beautiful
    (and sorry for my english… 🙁 )

    1. Hey Francesco!

      18mm is a VERY cool focal length for street. I use my x100t with the wide angle converter a lot (which is 18mm)

      The XT10 + 18mmf/2 is a great combo!

  29. Hello Jonas — your recent FujiLove article was very interesting. Could you say a bit more about situations in which you would prefer using the 35/2.0, versus the 1.4? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mike. Thank you for reading the interview! – It’s quite simple. I prefer the f/2 in every situation except for when it’s extremely low light situations. The new f/2 is an incredible lens. /J

  30. Hi Jonas,

    I started following your blog recently and enjoy reading your reviews of vintage lenses.

    I currently shoot Canon FF and I’m about to start my journey into the world of vintage lenses after acquiring an XT1. Of all the 50mm lenses, which one would you advise to start with? I’m already getting a Helios for the bokeh alone and if I want a vintage lens in the same league as the 56mm 1.2 XF, which one would it be?

  31. I wonder about the lack of stabilisation in the xt10 house and the primes. When talking about takng pictures in the evening/night at 1/20 for example you will nerver get a charp picture from X10. Compared with OLY em10 vith a advanced 5 axl. IS you will manage to get handhold charp pictures. For streetphoto i must be a great problem for X10 ? I have heard that the camera has a short buffer memory and is slow when using af-c ! I like Fuji but it is expencive when you are buying the best optics and they are big too! For streetphoto you would prefere small optics and Olympus have small and pricey optics
    It is something magic about Fuji and I can feel it myself but I can not tell you wy! Only a fiction? Why not buy the OLY ore can you tell me straight about x10 and why I have to prefere that camera!

  32. Hello Jonas! I just spent the better part of my afternoon looking through your reviews, blogs, and site design. I must say, it is very well done and your images are something to aspire to! Heard your interview the other day on the Fuji love podcast as well, and today I was searching for some reviews on legacy lenses for my XT-1 and there you were! Just wanted to say your work is fantastic and look forward to seeing more.

  33. Really enjoy your reviews on the Fuji gear, and using old lenses on modern Fuji cameras, I recently switched to Fuji x-T1 and my favorite old lens is a Zenit Helios 58mm f2 as well. It’s a great Russian Zeiss copy with painting like bokeh. I will continue to follow your posts & work.

    All the best,


  34. Hi Jonas–very much enjoy reviewing your images. I see that a password is now required to view your posts. May I ask how that might be set-up? Respect, M

    1. I noticed this as well, although the latest post (notification via e-mail) also seemed to produce a 404 error.

  35. Hello Jonas,
    Nice review (x-pro 2)!

    Is the x-pro 2 have a built-in ND filter as the x100s?

    Thanks very much!

  36. Davs!

    Something completetly different for this excellent site!

    I have a X-T1, with an adapter for Canon Fd bought from Cyberphoto.se, so the adapter should be decent. I’ve took some photos in a grey but light Stockholm, Fd 50/1,4 from 1974. Pictures are maybe somewhat overexposed – and have all edges etc truly purple! Never seen this before with the 50/1,4.
    Anyone can help!? I’ll mail picture(s) if requested!

    Best regards
    Jörgen Tvermoes

  37. Hi Jonas

    Great pictures and I really enjoyed your X-Pro2 review.

    I was just wondering. Do you only run the APS-C Fuji cameras or do you resort to full frame DSLR’s sometimes e.g. for weddings?

    On a different note. I’ve acquired an x100T and haven’t really touched my DSLR much since. In the beginning I shot RAW – just like with my Nikon – but recently I’ve switched more or less exclusively to JPEG with the different film simulation modes. What’s your approach? I can see you use LR, so I presume you predominantly shoot RAW?


  38. I cannot extend enough praise in connection with your XPro-2 review and your impressive array of images shot with the 35 f/2 and others.

    Kudos, Jonas…


  39. hello jonas
    hello jonas follow your blog in a while, I find magnificent your work and how you share with those who love your old lenses and fuji opioniones thanks.
    I have a problem, I bought a lens canon Ltm 50 1.4 but do not choose which adapter for my fuji XT1 .. I have some in my amazon but not which is right I would like you to help me, I leave the links:




    thanks for all

  40. Hi Jonas! Recently I’m planning to buy a XT-1 for the first camera for my X-system and I happened to click into your website and found it incredible. I’m amazed by all the photo quality and one other thing really catches my eyes — your camera strap! So will you be so nice to tell me exactly where to find a strap like this so I can pair it with my XT-1!

  41. Hi Jonas
    Super excellent blog with some fantastic shots from my town Aarhus.
    I’m considering changing gear (from Nikon) to Fuji. I have Fuji X10 as
    a travel camera and I just love the colors and feel. How is Fuji’s
    service here in Denmark


  42. Hej Jonas

    Tak for din spennende review av X-Pro 2!

    Produktbilderne var supre. Hvilket kamera brukte du for disse?
    Og gærne en hint om belysningen/bakgrunden om du har tid.

    Alt godt!
    Vennlig hilsen

  43. Hi Jonas
    I really really love your photos !!! . It has been a while ( 2 years ) since I follow your blog. Since the temptation to buy a Fuji has been going on for 2 years , I finally decided to slaughter my piggy bank and buy my first camera , next month. I found 1100 Francs ( Not a lot since I am a student). With my savings I got 2 options:
    * a used X100t ( around 700 Fr.) + a new TCL (200 Fr.) [ Love the compactness of this package]
    *a used XT10 ( around 500 Fr.) + new XF 35 f2 (400 Fr.) + used 18-55 (around 300 Fr.) [ Love the versatility of this package]
    Even though the XT10 is out of budget, I do like it better ( I love its looks and the tilt screen).However my problem is, that my favorite focal length is 23 mm and wider .Now I got a few questions to ask:
    Will there be any cheap compact 23 mm lens launch this year ? How much of a difference is there between these two? Is the XT10 with its latest firmware faster than X100T? Is there a huge difference of sharpness between the TCL and the XF 35 f2?
    I wish to keep the kamera for five years and then may be upgrade to an interchangeable fuji (XT3?). What would be your suggestion ?

  44. Hi Jonas
    Having just bought an XT1 ( and loving it ) I have found so much useful information on your site especially with the use of manual lens. Have you any experience of wide angle manual lens up to say 35mm full frame equivalent on Fuji X series of cameras.
    Thanks and regards

  45. Hello, I looove your website and your photos, but I need your help.
    I want to build a lens set from affordable but superb vintage lenses for cinematography. These 3 brands would be adapted via an passive adapter onto my Samsung NX1.
    Focal lengths I am generally interested in: 24 or 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
    I’ll need some experts opinion on which brand to go for. I don’t know wether to go for Contax Yashica, Canon FD or Minolta vintage lenses so hit me up with your knowledge and recommendation. It is much appreciated.
    They should be affordable tho, since I won’t pay above 150€ for a single lens. Hit me up with as much suggestions as you can!
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  46. I see your work and love the contrast in your’s photos. How you make it? (In my portraits, i use fuji xe2 + 35mm f2 )
    Thanks for being one of the photographers to inspire me to take photography as work with passion / inspiration.

  47. Hey Jonas!

    I really like the setup of your blog, I figured out that you’re using the Radcliffe theme with the JetPack lightbox. Are you using JQuery Masonry for your gallery? I can’t get the same look as you, what settings are you using for this one (i.e. width for thumbnails etc.) and what plugins are you using additionally? It seems that when I click on images they load a lowres image first, then after a while the highres one snaps into place. How do you achieve this?

    Would be very happy if you have time to reply 🙂

    Kind regards,

  48. Hello Jonas, great blog! I am thinking of buying into the Fuji system with the new Xt2 especially for landscapes. Which lens would you recommend for landscapes if you had to pick just one- the 10-24 or the 16-55?


  49. Hi Jonas,

    Love your shots! I was wondering recently when reading the X-T2 review, where you talk a lot about the filters, whether you don’t shoot RAW at all?


  50. jonas,

    long time admirer of the site and your work, just wanted to tell you that i just watched the youtube video of you shooting the fuji gear. spectacular!!!

  51. Lovely site!

    I was wondering if you had any problems mounting the ZY Lens Turbo on your Fuji X cameras.

    I am interested in getting a Fuji but it I keep hesitating because I won’t be able to use the Lens Turbo like I do on my Sony.

    I have read many accounts that claim the fit was too tight on their Xpro2 and others have said it has damaged the interior of the Xt1 as well.


  52. Hi Jonas
    The Leather camera strap of your X-Pro2 looks very practical and nice, can you tell me who sells it?
    Thank you

  53. Hi Jonas…Thanks for your blog and images. They are very educational for fellow Fuji lovers like me. In regards to Fuji, I just hope they keep marching ahead and continue to delight us with innovations. This company deserves the love from photographers.

  54. Hello,

    I love your site…
    I’m testing this time the b+w film simulation of my XPro2…It’s awesome…
    If you have time, you can look on my site with many b+w pics…Shoot with Nikon and Fuji…
    Hans from Germany

  55. Jonas,

    I’ve been only shooting film for a few years using my Minolta camera. Recently, I decided to buy a digital camera to use my manual lenses. I searched a lot online about different options and read all of your reviews! Thank you for such valuable information! I just ordered a used X-Pro1 for $330, and I am looking forward to try it out.

    Your work is astonishing!

    Best regards from Utah

  56. Dear Jonas,

    Thank you so much. I ended up on your site after researching the x70. By that time I had virtually made up mind to buy it. I wanted something small enough to fit in the pocket, simple but beautiful. Its limitations are in fact what appeals to me. That’s all very well but what could it do in the right hands? The examples and reviews online were encouraging but the photography was insipid.
    Then I found your site. You are a genius, your skill with this little camera didn’t persuade me, it motivated me and inspired me.
    If I can achieve anything near your stunning compositions I will be over the moon.

    Thanks again, I am buying the little fella today.

    All the best


  57. Hi Jonas,

    First of all i iove your site and photography. I recently switched from M43 to Fuji x-pro2 and i have a question for you and hopefully you can help me. I am considering buying the Leica Summilux-M 35mm f1,4 asph lens. Do you know of this version of this lens is compatible with the M adapter of fuji and if not is it compatible with another adapter from let say Kipon. The fuji site is very confusing because it states that the first version of this lens is not compatible but it doesn’t say anything about later models. If this lens is in no way compatible do you know another Leica lens which has sort of the same (beautiful) characteristic and is compatible (excuse my bad english).

    by the way here are some street photo’s of mine. https://500px.com/fodiographer

    All the best,


  58. Hello Jonas,

    I am a photographer from Vienna and just saw your Youtube-Video at Fujifilmnordic. Great work!

    After working as a photographer for some years, there was a point where I just lost the fun in it. My work started to degrade and I experienced some kind of stagnation. When I bought the Fuji X100T two years ago, I quickly fell in love with it, and I started to get more creative again. Now I am using the Fuji X-Pro 2, but my photography is all over the place, and I am still searching for my own kind of style. Could you give me some advice for my situation?

    I would like to get to know to some more specialists like you are in the Fuji universe, in order to swap ideas etc. Are there any Fuji organized meetings, workshops, etc in Europe, which you would recommend?

    Kind regards,

  59. Hello Jonas,

    My I ask you what software you use to process your RAW Files? I am encountering big issues with Lightroom CC and had to switch to Capture One Pro 10 but I am not very happy with the new workflow 🙁

    Kind Regards

  60. HI Jonas,

    Great images and lovely site.

    Your last poster, Antonio echoes exactly myself. I gave up LR due to seeing a horrible mess when editing RAWS from XPRO2. Im using CaptureOne Pro now, and still its not perfect. Foliage especially is awful.
    ‘ve come to the decision of selling my xpro2 and 23mm f.1.4.

    Its a real shame that Fuji have a great camera, and yet haven’t thought about how people can process their RAW files!

  61. Hi Jonas,
    Thank you for your beautiful pictures and this wonderful blog
    I was wondering where do you buy the camera straps we see in all your test post ??
    Which brand is that ?
    thanks in advance for you answer

  62. Hi Jonas, what a goldmine for vintage lenses you’ve created!
    I’ve got a question you might be able to help me out with – I’ve got a Fujifilm x-t2, and want a decent vintage 35mm lens with a depth of field scale. I can’t really find anything that fits? Maybe it’s right under my nose, but I wonder if you could point out a couple to me? Thanks for your help!!

    1. Leica, Canon FD, Pentax. Zonlai 35/1,8 does not have DoF scale but for about 130 USD it is a steal.


      1. Ah ok, I’ve also been looking at Zeiss Jena Flektogons (2.4 and 2.8), as well as Zeiss Distagons. The Voigtlander Colour Skoparex and even the Schneider-Kreuznach Curtagon 2.8 look good too. Do you know these? Which would you suggest?? Or should I stick to Canon, Pentax or Zonlai?
        Thanks for your help!!

        1. Well, the German ones are probably very good, I have not used them. All lenses will give some differences in color, contrast and even in focal lentgh.
          I have used the Leica Summaron 35/3,5 and compared to the Fuji 35/1,4 . With the original Fuji Leica adapter it is not the same angle of field/frame coverage. Colors are more washed, lower contrast, not flare but a different light.

          Zonlai is very close to Fuji, in the edges I do not see any great difference. Color, sharoness – very good. Small. Manual = no electrical motors buzzing when focussing or changing aperture…

          Pentax I have not tires, but that is usually a good one.

          Canon, I have the 24/2,8 and the 50/1,4. The 24/2,8 gives warm colors and good performance overall. The 50/1,4 ( not in your list) is OK but can give horrible CA with a UV filter on, while the 24/3,8 wth the same filter did not show any CA!

          Chinonflex 35/2,8 – sturdy built and performs very well.

          Out over this we have enses from USSR and DDR. Pentacon 29/2,8 – low price and OK performance.

          All in all – buy and try.

          All these lenses are manual so you own the sharpness and DoF and exposure. Like old days, but you see hte result in real time..


  63. Hey Jonas, I love your work and i wanted to ask if it was ok for me to snag a few photos from the site to put on my blog. You are an inspiration for me. you helped me decided on the camera i was looking to 3 years ago and i wanted to share it on my blog. I am sharing people and their work i like. you are the first so ya.

    My site isnt finished but i am getting some posts ready for launch

    Thanks again!

  64. For the last 20 minutes, I have been staring at my monitor in the hope of figuring out why two of your pictures [1, 2] look so incredibly beautiful to me:
    – camera (Fujifilm GFX 50S)?
    – lens (I figured one of the two it’s the Minolta Rokkor 55mm f/1.7)?
    – light?
    – f/stop?
    – post-processing (you said many times that you only use LR [mainly clarity & exposure])?

    There’s harmony and balance in the colors. They’re incredible! I ❤️ them!

    Any hint would make my day!

    Thanks for sharing and keep up with the good work,

    [1] https://jonasraskphotography.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/rask2033.jpg
    [2] https://jonasraskphotography.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/rask1564.jpg

    1. Hi Michele.

      Thank you so much for your comment! You’re so very kind.
      The camera is indeed the Fujifilm GFX. But both of these shots were taken with old minolta lenses. They give the image an undefinable character. I know I can see it, and something tells me that you see it too.
      Light was nordic summer light. Something that is a little cold compared to say Spanish sunlight.
      The postprocessing is all about pushing the blue channel into the Cyan area, and keeping the warmth in the green/brown. That is the best colorcombo in my world.

      Hope this helps a little.


  65. Hi jonas,

    I use fujixt20 with fujinon 16-55 mm lens. I like my fuji but ı hate zoom when ı push the shutter button. how can ı block this? Should ı change the lens ?

    I use analog lens with my fuji; like u 🙂 Now ı’ll try with helios lens!!! Really ur bokeh photos very impressive. !


  66. Hi Jonas. I’m in the medical profession and I just got into photography. I have the xt2 w/the 18-55mm lens kit. I purchased it to shoot my kids, but they’re always moving around and I’m having a hard time shooting movement or candid shots because there’s always a blur. Could you please help me out with how to set the camera to shoot shots that aren’t blurry? Please help! Can I email you? Thank you Jonas and I love that you have your website up with your reviews!

  67. Jonas,

    After a lot of pondering I am beginning to build my own GFX 50S-centric system. I have just purchased a barely used body. My plan is to use the GFX with adopted lenses, perhaps also with CAMBO ACTUS MINI or a similar contraption. This is why I was not planning to buy any GF lenses, at least not in the beginning.

    Now, I wanted to make sure the used GFX 50S body I have purchased is functioning as it should, with its native lenses. I went to my local photo retailer and spent some time there with the 110mm F2 mounted on my camera. Everything seemed to function well, except… the strange aperture behavior.

    With camera in “A” and the aperture set to fully open (either with the aperture ring on the lens, or with the dial on the camera) I could hear and see the aperture blades contract and expand depending on where the camera was pointed. All the test shots show F2 as the recorded aperture setting. So, the exposures were taken at the F stop I selected, whereas in process of composing and focusing the camera was adjusting the aperture on its own. Very strange and bizarre.

    This odd behavior was just like with my other mirrorless – the OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 and legacy 4/3 (SLR) lenses. I have gone through two bodies before OLYMPUS admitted the faulty and wrong behavior and exchanged my camera for a referb that finally (!) works as any normal camera should. It looked as though the early batches of that otherwise excellent little camera were faulty. Olympus indirectly admitted it, failed to fix my camera (at first under, later post-warranty) and had the camera exchanged. The saving grace was that I ended up with a working camera. And a lot of sour taste and second thoughts of ethics and corporate culture of Olympus.

    Now back to GFX 50S – do you know of any issues with “rattlesnaking” aperture, when the diaphragm blades live their own life out of your control? Is there a chance that my just acquired used GFX 50S body (firmware 1.11) may be faulty? Is the FUJI supposed to focus fully open or at the selected aperture setting? Any insights or suggestions from you long time user perspective?

    Dmitri Serdukoff

  68. (New to the Fuji Family (GFX) As a avid ready of all of you posts!! I saw your review of the Mitakon Speedmaster and you said “ 🙂 you normally don’t review non Fuji lenses or something to that degree.” I would really appreciate your input on the Fujifilm G mount Mitakon Speedmaster 85mm f/1.2 lens – “The Dream”. I’m really interested but can’t seem to find any one using it. Could you give me some input or possibly review it 🙂

  69. Hi Jonas, I just purchased the GFX and want to use the TECHART AF adaptor. My question is how good is the canon 40mm 2.8 STM?
    Sharpness and good colors mainly skin tones. I want a wide angle to shoot groups and family shots. I know its very reasonable buy I want to be sure. I don’t need to shoot f1.2 or f1.4 I shoot F2. and up A second recommendation to that 40mm is appreciated thats not expensive only because the adaptor is expensive. I appreciate it. Dennis
    my email is rollsman4@yahoo.com I need to shoot with AF

  70. Hey man! Really enjoyed your review on the X-H1. I am looking to purchase that camera soon, and was curious with the XH-1, would you prefer the 35mm 1.4 or the 35mm 2.0?

  71. Hi Jonas,

    I enjoy reading your blog and your contribution to FujiLove. It is my understanding that you are now using Capture One to process your files. Would you mind sharing your C1 sharpening settings.

    Thank you


  72. Sir, I am exploring legacy lenses on several cameras. I have a Fuji X-E1 and your discussion on the Fujinon 50mm was of interest. But my real question is about the silkmatte spray. I am in the US and my research indicates it may be particular to Europe. What is is and how did you treat the lens. complete disassembly, careful masking or wipe it on? Thanks, Jerry

  73. Hey Jonas,
    I’ve been a fan for a while and thought I’d reach out ask you this question…
    As a dedicated fuji x shooter for years, and a middle school teacher in the USA, I’ve found my self with an opportunity to teach a beginning photography class to 12 year olds!
    Is there anyone at fuji (or anywhere else) that you could connect me with to facilitate the purchase/donation of refurbished gear? The school wants us to use canon!
    Thanks for any help you could offer!

  74. Hi Jonas
    Thanks for your good and very interesting reviews of vintage lenses!

    I would like to use M42 lenses with a focal length reducer on my X-T2. Some blogs report on problems using the Lens Turbo M42-Fuji, because the rear part of the adapter touches the inner part of the camera. The problem seems to be specific to the 24 MP sensors like the X-T2 or Xpro2.

    Do you have experience with the Lens Turbo M42-Fuji? Are you are of problems of can you use it wir an X-T2 or Xpro2?

    Thanks a lot for your advice, Urs

    1. HI
      I’m using mitakon lens turbo 2, you can safely use with X-T2 not sure about x-Pro2


  75. Hi Jonas,

    I have totally enjoyed reading your site and viewing your images. As I understand you have switched to Capture One to process your Fuji files. Do you use their catalog and if not, with sessions how to you keep track of all your images. Do you use another catalog database or some other type of app.

    Thank you in advance.

    Jed Best

  76. Great photos, Very inspirational. I usually shoot with Fuji primes and 50-140 and 16-55. I am thinking about getting the 18-135 lens for some travel. Have you used this lens? Can you please let me know your impression of the lens. Thank You. regards, Glenn

    1. The XF 18-135mm is a very versatile lens: good image quality, huge zoom range, WR, image stabilizer (very usefull!). Image quality is good, even if not fully on the level as a prime lens such as the XF 90mm. A very good allround and travell lens.

  77. Hi Jonas!
    Could you share what kind of background paper or PVC are you using for product shots?
    I’m trying to source out good one.

  78. Hey Jonas!
    Stumbled onto your site and I can’t stop starring at your pics. I know you are a busy man, but I just recently ditched a 10 year old Canon and joined the Fuji family with the XT-3. I’m finding myself a little overwhelmed trying to learn it all and feel like I need a good tutorial. There are a ton of them out there, but are there any good fuji tutorials that you’d recommend to really learn the ins and outs?
    Thanks so much for the inspiring shots and look forward to following!


  79. Hi Jonas,

    Thank you very much for your great and helpful review and insight on the Fuji GFX50.

    I‘m considering getting into the GFX system which will cost me likely USD 6000 plus.
    Would you be able to give me some indication on the minimum Mac pro specs recommendation for Fuji GFX 50 workflow in order not to get stuck there and see how much would that cost me in addition?

    Thanks a lot.


  80. Hi Jonas,
    Loving your style, found your website when looking for Fujiflm reviews. I’m an Australian based photographer and am changing systems from Canon (5d) to Fujifilm. I’m going to buy a second hand system would you recommend the x-h1 over the x-t2.

  81. Hi Jonas, I saw your review on the Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm f1.4 for GFX. I bought one with the aim of using it for astro photography with the GFX (no other lens choice as yet). As its a full manual lens it has its quirks…
    I can not get my GFX to shoot with this lens? No shutter at all. At F2 the AV just reads 0.0? Is there a work around?
    Any suggestions would help?
    Regards, Dan

  82. Hej Jonas Tak for en meget informativ side om Fuji samt virkelig inspirende billeder. Jeg er selv ved at bevæge mig over til Fuji GFX 50 R. Jeg har en del Canon objektiver og jeg vil gerne bruge dem. Jeg laver en del interiør og har brug for lidt ikke ejendomsmægler vidvinkel. Har du et eksempel på hvor vidvinklet Canon objektiver du kan sætte på inden det vignetere for meget. jeg bruger selv en 16-35 f/2.8. Jeg tænker et bruge en Techart adapter. Gode hilsner André Andersen. http://www.andre.dk.

  83. Hi Jonas,
    I would like to ask you a question about an adapter for the EBC Fujinon 50mm 1.4, because my Novoflex FUX/CO (M42) doesn’t fit.

    Best Regards
    Thomas Bianca

  84. Hello Jonas, I’m curious to know, is your workflow changed over the last few years? Are you still using Lightroom or you switched over to Capture One. And what about the process itself, you mentioned in a comment above you increase clarity, overexpose a little. What else?

    And do you plan to share or sell your presets? That would be fantastic 🙂

    Thank you!

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