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  1. Denys says:

    Nice Photography.

    1. jr050680 says:

      Thank you very much.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog

  2. Really nice – all of them.
    Jonas, what software did you use to design your website?

    1. jr050680 says:

      Hi Michael. I used a wordpress template, and added some custom css work 🙂


      1. Carlo says:

        Excellent work, Jonas! Thank you.

  3. Max says:

    Very nice captures! you have an eye for photography.

  4. Vincent says:

    Jonas, inspiring!
    You make it difficult to pass up the Fuji x20 over an xe1 or x100s. Why spend the extra $$$ when the x20 can achieve fantastic quality!
    For me I don’t want it to replace my Nikon D7000. I just want it to be a street camera, something my Nikon D7000 can’t really be.

    1. jr050680 says:

      the x20 is Phenomenal for street! So fast and silent. Good long DOF for those who prefer it (I don’t) It’s a gem of a street camera.


      1. Vincent says:

        Are you using the x20 with lens filter or straight lens? I have noticed that there is a lens hood/filter available. Any idea of the effect this would have on B&W photos?

  5. Stunning work on every front.

  6. Murat says:

    Hei Jonas!
    Great photos and you captured beautiful moments.
    Hilse fra Sandvika, Norge!

  7. Miraillet says:

    Je suis émerveillé ! Quel regard ! Quelle sensibilité ! Et quelle poésie !
    I own most of the old legacy lenses you use to take these so sensible and poetic pictures, but i’m not able to reach this quality
    crazy jalous am i …..

    1. jr050680 says:

      Hi Miraillet.

      Thank you SO much. Very kind words. Keep pushing.
      Lagacy lenses are so much fun, right?


  8. Henry Williams says:

    Great stuff, man!

  9. Nice blog you got! Would you like to check out mine? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion http://www.mileysgallery.wordpress.com

  10. chagab says:

    Very impressed by your work ! I follow you now ! 🙂 A bientot ! Chagab (www.chagabblog.com)

    1. jr050680 says:

      Thank you very much 🙂 Glad you are reading along. /J

  11. nice pics you have a excellent photograpic knowledge………..

    1. jr050680 says:

      Thank you very much. Thanks for stopping by /J

  12. Sunny Chan says:

    I really enjoy your photography! You are one of my favourite photographer that I am following on Flickr!
    Wish you can spare a few minutes to see my work and leave me a few words. Appreciated!


    1. jr050680 says:

      Hi Sunny. Thank you very much.

      You have some great galleries my friend! – Streets of London is very nice 😀

      1. Sunny Chan says:

        Thanks Jonas, I visit your blog often and you give me lots of inspirations!

      2. arnold says:

        Beautiful shots. Grey scale is superb!

  13. Benji Leung says:

    Very nice street photos. I like the mood of your B&W, some kind of human, some kind of loneliness, some kind of quite…. Good work!

    1. jr050680 says:

      Hi Benji.

      Thank you very much. Thank you for stopping by!


  14. Mordechai Haryogi says:

    Hi Jonas!

    Loved your works on the street photography a lot! and those really inspire me to improve on my shooting.

    would be appreciated if you could stop by on my instagram @mordechai. Thanks a bunch!

  15. Jarrod p. says:

    You are prolific. I know I comment a lot but your work is inspiring. Thank you.

    1. jr050680 says:

      Youre too kind. Thank you so much Jarrod. Have a great weekend!

  16. Jonas, very inspiring work, I am enjoying your photography very much. I am now following you on IG. If I may ask, what squarespace template did you use for the365 site. Thank you.

    1. jr050680 says:

      Hi Raymond. Thank you very much! – I can’t remember the template name sorry. I’ll have to look at some receipts 😀

  17. I love all your shoot mate! Awesome folio!

  18. Luis Curran says:

    Great street shots, Jonas – thanks. Do you use any in-camera settings for B&W? If so, what are they? I’m still trying to find the right combination!

  19. shane butler says:

    hello jonas, love your work!
    i have a question about acros jpg files. is it ok to import acros into lightroom without changing grain and details of jpg? i want to be able to use jpg import into lightroom and crop, and maybe adjust exp. when exporting again will the file remain the same. also what settings do u use for acros jpg.
    thank you

  20. mkrockcom says:

    amazing…truly ,its inspiring.

  21. Toan Le says:

    Many nice pictures of the city of smiles. Always inspired see the city through by lenses well done 👍

  22. Hans Georg says:

    Hi Jonas,

    Really great shots, and also great gear reviews, which are of great interest to me because I am a very happy user of the X-T2.

    It just so happens that I will be in Aarhus On Nov 17; any time to meet up?

    Many thanks

  23. hi Jonas,
    good morning! i love your photos specially your shot with mirror effect i love it so much,,
    i am a beginner and i get shots with my cellphone only can you help me to get more idea,
    thank you!!

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