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  1. hey.
    it is straight out of camera – or converted – with which program?
    best regards – krm

    1. Hey.

      These are from RAW. Processed in Lightroom 5.7. I usually do this in grey weather. That gives me more flexibility in regards to contrast exposure etc.


  2. Hey Jonas
    I kinda love the little lonesome house at the lake 😀 reminds me of a place where I grew up.

    May I ask you one question?

    How do you find the time to go out and shoot while having kids, a job etc.?

    Hats off to you and all the work/ love you put into your blogs 🙂

    1. Hi Daniel.
      Thank you very much for reading/viewing.

      Let me tell you this. There isn’t enough hours to the day for me to do all the things I want to do. Haha.
      I think the time to photograph springs from me always wearing a camera. As in ALWAYS! So whenever I’m in transit, I can stop take a small walk and get some images made. Other than that I need to mention an incredibly understanding wife. Hahaha.

      Btw, looked at your blog. Excellent stuff!


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