March 365

Another month came and went, and with it my last period of paternity leave. I was fortunate to have 2 full months of quality time with my son. This has of course made the process of  taking pictures everyday a whole lot easier than if I was to cater to my nine-to-five everyday.

We went to the city a lot, my son and I. Drinking coffee, having fun. I think this shows in the images from the past month of march. We were on the streets a lot. We even had a trip to London, and I went on a photowalk with a bunch of danish Fujifilm-X-enthusiasts in Copenhagen.

So the month of march was definitely a month of street photography. This is probably the reason why its my favourite month of the 3 so far.

Remember to visit or even bookmark the main site of the 365 project –, or check it out via my top menu. All shots are taken and uploaded within the same 24 hours of that particular day. Or you can just read these monthly sum-ups 😉

As usual – a lot of outtakes below the chosen ones.

03.15 In Memoriam



  1. Love your approach to photography, love your website design .
    I know its through Squarespace, what template do you use .

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