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  1. You have some very inspirational work on your website! But the real reason I came here was for your review of Fuji’s brand new 35 f.2 lens. I am very much into street and urban photography, using an XPro1 for the past year and an original X100 for 2 years prior to that. I now have just 2 lenses: Fuji’s 18mm and the 35mm f 1.4. Most of the time my 1.4 stays glued to the camera and I love it to bits. However, the thing that I have noticed about your Fuji 35mm f.2 shots is how the IQ coming from that lens is very like that of the Leica Summicron f/2. Of course, this could be my imagination and possibly down to your processing methods, but it has impressed me so much that I am seriously thinking of selling my 1.4 and getting the new version. My website is linked below, but is in bad need of updating with more stuff taken with my Fuji’s. Best regards…Keith

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