A Trip to OldTown

35mm, Black And White, Christmas, Old, S-Curve, X-Pro1

Took a trip way back down memory lane today. In Århus, we have a huge 1:1 scale museum depicting old city life around the 1900’s. Some great scenery to be found there. I gave the images an authentic S-Curve processing to make them look dated. I think they turned out quite well. All images shot with X-Pro1 w/35mm f1.4 lens.

Magic Lantern




Butchers Wife

Baby House

Music Man Mercatino

Sweets Available Light



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3 thoughts on “A Trip to OldTown”

  1. Steinar Knai says:

    Nice pictures, apart from the first one, which I find overexposed. However, interesting overview over “old times” Denmark!

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