Street 12.12

As december, and the year 2012, comes to a halt, I felt like posting some random street images taken during my christmas break.

2012 gave my the oportunity to take up photography, which I had abandoned somewhat. The reason for my newfound joy is the X-Series from Fujifilm. I bought an x100 in AUgust and instantly fell back in love with photography. The manual controls and fixed lens really forces you to think creatively.

Come october I upgraded to X-Pro1. This moved has been nothing short of amazing. The files that this camera spits out is nothing short of amazing.

I hope that 2013 will allow me to continue exploring the wonderful world of X-Series photography.

Best wishes for the new year.



Check Through

We Move


Morning Focus



  1. Hello Jonas, I like your pictures. I’m curious which viewfinder (OVF or EVF) of the Pro 1 do you find more useful?

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