Took a walk today at the old CERES brewery in Århus. They are in the process of tearing it down, so I was actually trespassing. But man, did it contain some cool locations. An old cleansing room, and a building where all the beertanks had been was just some of the great sceneries. All images was shot using the X-Pro1 with the Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/1.4R LM OIS.










  1. Again, I just have to say you have an amazing eye, especially for lines and patterns. I really like your portraits and candids as well. I just have to ask though if you don’t mind, what sort of contrast settings are you doing for your black and whites? I see that the portraits are high key, but I love the look of the candid street shots. Such beautiful contrast. Thanks for sharing your work.

    1. Thank you VERY much man. Great that you take the time out to read my ramblings on this blog.

      As to postprocessing. All my black and whites are treated initially in Adobe LR 4.3 using high key as starting point. I use curves, watch for highlight clipping, but usually crank up the highlights quite a lot. I am careful about not drowning the shadows, so I adjust the darker tones, but not so much the shadows. Other than that the clarity slider to about 40-50. And then I do some micro contrast sharpening.

    1. Thanks Dave. Yeah it’s quite an amazing place! They actually plan on tearing it down quite soon 🙁

      Thanks for stopping by!

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