The Fujifilm X20 – a street photographers camera

I have had the pleasure of shooting my new X20 for about a week now. During which we have had some nice sunny spring weather in Denmark! I had a couple of midweek days off, so I decided to take the x20 to the streets, which is actually the purpose for which it was bought. So how did the little beast perform out there in the pulsating metropolitan life?

Like a true champ!

The camera is completely silent, discrete in appearance, and focus is fast! as in REALLY fast!

Apart from the obvious difference in image appearance (compared to my X-Pro1 35mm images) due to wider angle shots, I noticed that my images shot with the X20 had a very different feel to them. They seem to be more “snapshot” like. They seem to capture more intimate situations, and more intricate compositions.

This is mostly because it is so stealthy and unobtrusive that you can venture deep into people “intimate-sphere” without ruining the moment. To me THAT is what street photography is all about, and the x20 is an AMAZING tool to capture these delicate situations where life is indeed that; Life!

Below are a collection of shots spanning a few days of street life in Århus, Denmark. I have a custom mode set to b&w film simulation, and post process was done in Lightroom 4.4 which adjustments to contrast and adding vignettes.



















          1. Yeah. But I am thinking to add something wider…

            Shot with XF 18mm, quite soft. XF 14mm is great, but bit bigger in side.
            Looking at some legacy glass now.
            Any idea?

  1. Hi Jonas, very nice pictures. The landscape with the tree is particularly impressive considering how clean the sky looks. Did you process from RAW, or was this from an OOC jpeg? I

    1. Hi Aréjukas.

      Thank you very much! Thank you for stopping by.

      The image is just OOC jpeg, added some additional contrast, and a vignette. The B&W quality is quite good with the x20!

  2. Great photos, what settings did you use for the film simulation, such as for the second picture (hand)?

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