Landscapes of Andalusia

As I promised in my Streets of Andalusia post, I am posting some landscape shots today. This is NOT my photographic territory, so please bear with me on this one. What I did find, is that Even though I only had simple prime glass with set focal lenghts I found both the X-Pro1 and in particular the x100s quite good cameras for landscape photos. Again, around dusk, the X-Trans sensor with its High ISO capabilities does NOT disappoint.

So there you have it. Some landscape shots taken mainly around the Lake Vinuela area. Post processed in various ways, as I usually do. (Make sure to view the panoramas full size)

















  1. wat lens do you use ? thanks , i try to find one wide angle len for my x-e1 , and i saw the samyang 8mm 2.8 was pretty good , can u advice some wide lens , THanks

    1. Hi Lam.

      I used the x100s with its built in 23mm (35mm full fram eq), and the x-pro1 with the 35mm (50 mm eq).

      Would be fun with a wider lens. Maybe the Voightlander Ultron could be fun!

      Thanks for reading the blog.


  2. I am not a landscape guy either, Jonas. My background is as a freelance newspaper photographer and love what you were able to accomplish here. I just switched to the Fuji X-System (X-E1 w/35mm f1.4 & X100S) from Nikons and really getting used to just a couple of primes. Love the image quality. Now if I can just capture some great compositions…..your blog is an inspiration!

      1. Yes, we had a great time (I was there first two weeks in August). I was lazy though and only took my XE-1 and 18mm. I wish I had taken a longer lens or two for some tighter compressed images of those beautiful cloudy mountains. Your images made up for that though – I enjoyed looking through those!

  3. Superb photos Jonas,

    Welcome back… No question the X-Series does pretty much any type of photography really well except of course for fast action pro sports. BTW, how do you like the X-100S? Still holding on to my X-100, can’t justify upgrading perhaps until fuji decides to do an X-200 with a fast 50 then i’ll jump 🙂

  4. Jonas-
    Superb work! I’d had a chance to use a Fuji X Pro for a short trial; it is a charming camera to work with, but I ended up feeling constricted by the RAW files I was getting out of it. Undoubtedly it was from lack of familiarity with its quirks– these shots absolutely convince me it is worth another try! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You don’t give yourself enough credit. You are a really good photographer and you’ll only get better! I just got an X-E1 and love using old Vivitar and Ricoh lenses. I don’t regret selling my D700 at all. Because of your review, I have purchased a Minolta 55mm 1.7 for an amazing $16 USD! I shoot a lot of portraiture and am excited for this lens. The Fuji has made photography fun again!

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