Hi everyone.

Today I had a meeting with FUJIFILM Nordic, and they actually wanted me to join their community of X Photographers Needless to say, I’m thrilled….but what does it even mean.

logo x

FUJIFILM has created a community of photographers and people, who use and love the X-series cameras.

The X-Photographers are professional photographers who use the X-Series as part of their daily living. Currently we have one danish X-photographer Mr. Flemming Bo Jensen

The X-Photographers  are people who enjoy using the FUJIFILM X-Series as their cameras of choice. They get sent new products to review and give feedback to the product chain. They generally help FUJIFILM spread the word of their amazing cameras.

I’m so incredibly psyched that FUJIFILM found me worthy of having their name related to me in this way. They will now probably own my soul forever…but who cares, they already did!!

I will leave you with some random X-Series images!












  1. While this is certainly a pleasant surprise for you, it is hardly a surprise to those of us who follow your blog. Your gifted Eye sees much that we do not, but, that your Fuji does. You bring the greater honor and gift to them. Much Respect and Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! You have been an “X-Ambassador” for a very long time and now have the endorsement from Fuji!

  3. Woah, so cool, I am jealous now.
    Ehm, I know it’s none of my business, but just curious:
    will they pay you…?

  4. Dear Jonas,
    You are Fuji ;0)
    Sold all my Canon gears this summer and started from the bottom (is there a bottom at Fuji?) with the X100. Own now an X-E1 and love the brand more and more.
    YOU are the one who confirmes my choice…deeply gratefuld I found your blog…Fuji must be as well.
    Tusind tak for inspiration, kreative indslage, og al det DU gøre som gav mig lyst til at fotografere igen.
    Super fedt.
    Mvh Danny

  5. Congratulation Jonas! I was on vacation and just came back to read this … wow! Sometimes it pays out 🙂

  6. Congratulations…very well deserved.
    And .. em… save me a seat please, hope to join you soon (hopefully…daydreaming…!)

  7. Hey Jonas, I absolutely love your photos and your blog. Your talent is beyond amazing. I just started out with the Fuji X-T1. Any recommendations on lenses to buy first (i.e. where should I prioritize?) I was looking at the new 50-140 f.2.8 and the 56 f1.2, along with maybe a 23 f1.4. Any recommendations on a wide angle lens to complete the collection? Any feedback would be appreciated. Again, keep up the amazing work man.

  8. Quite enjoyed your talk today @ Photokina. Passionate imaginings in the stillness of moving pictures.

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