Winter in thirds

Winter in Denmark is hard for a photographer. Light is absent, and the sparse rays of sun seems instantly relieved by early onset dark hours. Dark skies prevail, while not really delivering the snow that would put smiles on the faces of young as well as old beings. Mostly a mash of grey and rain. A soup of contrastless entities.

But then there are days where white matter is primary, and the spectrum is further developed by the entire palette of imaginable colors. Those are the days where we gather outside, and enjoy the marvel of winter.

3 sets of winter.




When nature reveals is most magical side. This is where we marvel at the creation.

Darkness is the canvas where light get smeared in cold, harsh contrast. In a time where dark hours are in greater numbers the grit of winter shows.

What ever brings happiness to our lives. The joy of children in elements, and their limitless creativity.


  1. You have a bunch of amazing picture ! I thought the pictures were great just because of the landscape but have also beautiful shots in areas that are that pretty, well done !

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