February 365

The month of February has passed, and with it most of the danish winter. This winter has been unusually mild. Same as last winter. We saw some snow and frost, but nowhere near what we’re accustomed to in the scandinavian world.


My 365 project has so far proceeded mostly without glitches or hiccups. I had my first period of sickness in god knows how long. Getting photographs taken during that time proved difficult, cumbersome and downright hard. But I guess thats the charm of it all. Getting that picture made, regardless.

A thing I want to address about a 365 project is the online presence. You often read from photographers with a good online prescence:

“Only show your good work! Be your own harshest critic!”

I can only agree to the above statement. If you want to get clients, work, whatever. Show your good side. Not much to discuss there. But this is where a 365 project can be different. Make sure to separate your 365 from your portfolio. Detach when needed, attach when needed. That way you can still have a great online presence while maintaining a good clean portfolio.

The reason for me doing a 365 was simple. Get better. Improve photographic eye. Learn. Make images when there are no inspiration. Work through creative dry spells. Experiment with techniques. The 365 is my learning environment. My experimental side. Can I use it as part of my portfolio? Sure. Some of it. Other parts of it….not so much. But thats perfectly fine. Those are the rules by which the game is played.

For those of you who still havn’t tried a 365 project, I can still only urge you to go ahead. Learn as you go along. Don’t get too hung up in your online portfolio taking a hit. Cause it most likely won’t. It will most likely add to it, and show that you have stamina and determination.

So with that I leave you with the month of February, and same as with January, SHITLOADS of outtakes!

02.15 In Memoriam



  1. You speak of mild, and an end to winter on the very day we get 18 cm of snow and it’s -15c, as if winter has no vacation plans here in the ‘dead’ center of the USA……

  2. Hey Jonas,
    finally someone who is not afraid of showing mistakes/outtakes (eventhough I have seen worse pictures in portfolios). I really like this!

    I have seen many 52 Week or 365 challenges, that stated, that everything was a great learning and hard to master an so on, but almost nobody shows outtakes. Dealing with “failure” or anything involved in making outtakes is hard to communicate for most people and demands a lot of bravery. So almost nobody does this.
    I have a great respect for you and hope to see more of this kind of reflections.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Philipp. I, too find it very important to address weak sides as to improve upon them.

      Thank you again.

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