X100T – Exploratory


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Jonas – I am saving up for the 56mm but looks like I’ll have to deal with my vintage lenses for a little longer – going to get the X100T.
    Always a pleasure viewing your work – keep it coming!

    1. Hi Anand. Thank you very much! And thank you for reading.
      The X100 series is just something else. I really can’t describe what it has done to my photography. Its the perfect all rounder. I LOVE it!


  2. Those photos are superb! It has been said that the best camera is the one u hv in your hands. Until a few years back, that ‘camera’ was a smartphone. Despite having invested thousands on DSLRs, 90% of my photos were shot using iphone. In fact i went for broke and puchased a Leica M9, but as good as it was for street I was so afraid to bring it out for outdoor outings like jogging, hiking or fishing. The X100 series changed all that. This is the camera that is with me almost all the time-even mundane trips to a local grocery store. No more feeling terrified when shooting in poor neighborhoods. With the built-in wifi in X100T, almost all of photos are taken with this cam, then transfer the coolest photos to iphone for sharing. My M9 u ask? I’d love to keep it, but i hv a new darling that will follow everywhere i go. To me the M9 is a diva, while the X100t is a humble girl-next-door. So the M9 and me have to part ways.. enough said, right now the X100T is the best companion man can have aside from a smartphone and a dog 🙂

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