April 365

April! Oh my god, April! This is the month in which my dear wife puts another year on the clock. In Denmark it’s a month that weather wise can be like a mixed bag of treats. This year wasn’t as cold as can be, but we did have rain.

Mostly we just had increasing amounts of sun as well as ever-increasing amounts of greens.

Photography-wise, I use these monthly 365-sum-ups as a way to analyse and reminisce about the month gone by.

Remember the dedicated site can be found at http://the365.squarespace.com

April saw me getting back on the saddle and seeing patients in a small general practice clinic just 15 minutes from our house. Its very convenient, but it also limits my ability to get onto the streets and shoot. I had a 3 day seminar in Copenhagen where I could really get some street-photography done. You can see the pictures here

I also shot my first wedding of the season for my long-time friend Lars, and his wife Maria. You can see my asorted images from their beautiful day here.

I was interviewed about my photography for the first time. By an incredible collective of talented X100 photographers over at x100c.com, go check out the interview here if you want to waste even more time reading stuff I have to say

I got some pretty new gear too. And (shocker!) its not Fujifilm 😀 I bought a Leica M6 with a 35mm Summicron-M, and a couple weeks ago I took the plunge and bought an M8. I mostly bought it for it black and white qualities which are very good and dynamic because of the CCD sensor as well as sub-par IR filtering. I will of course do a write up of this gorgeous little machine, once I get it thoroughly under my skin. But for now you can check out some product shots of it here.

The images this month really shows what it means to wear your camera at all times. The situations and pictures are incredibly diverse this time around.

So with this I take on May, coming of summer, as well as a whole lot of stuff that I cannot share with you just yet 😉

04.15 – In Memoriam