Annemarie & Jens

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of capturing the wedding of Jens & Annemarie. It was a fantastic day, and the couple shined. We had some rain during the afternoon, but nothing major.

Yet again my setup was all Fujifilm cameras. XF16mm, XF35mm, XF56mm. And an X100T for the reception/party.

I made some quick-prints using my instax printer and put them for the couple to see when they got seated. As always an absolute success.

I’m once more amazed at how completely unobtrusive these cameras are for wedding usage. Or as the groom stated “We didn’t even notice you, but we hope you took some pictures” – Well I certainly did. And below are some of my chosen favourites from the day.

A BIG congratulations once again to Jens and Annemarie.


  1. Great photos! I noticed you used the xt10 and the xt1. Did you notice any diferance in performance between the two?

  2. I am one of your photos fans.
    I am watching your photo from Japan.
    My camera is x-pro2.
    I purchased the same thing because the camera strap you are using was cool. 
    I want to know the setting of your wedding photo. If you are not troubling, please let me know.
    Is it the same as your ordinary setting?
    I usually take pictures with your settings.
    I was able to find out on this blog.

    I’m sorry, my English is not good.

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