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I often get asked the question “What is your primary photographic disciplin?” – Always a bit hesitant to answer, I mostly end up saying something like this “Well, I don’t have any specific favourite disciplin. I just like to take and make pictures. But if I had to choose I would say Street-photography” – The problem is…. I don’t really do “real” street photography!!

The discussion about what is real street-photography can go on for eons. As a whole I really don’t like the fact that photography as a creative medium has to be boxed in neat little categories defined by a set of rules. I am not impervious to the fact that categories of things are needed for us as humans to find place and order. I respect that. But sometimes it can be so damn stigmatising.

So I was recently featured by Fujifilm UK in a print ad and online campaign for the new Fujifilm X-T10 (You can see it here ) and they placed me in a category that I had never previously heard of. According to them I am a “Portrait & Lifestyle photographer”

Lifestyle! – This makes so much sense to me!

It’s EXACTLY what I photograph. All aspects of everyday life. Be it street-life, country-life, snapshots of my friends and family, weddings, documentary, modelling portraits….you name it. I. JUST. PHOTOGRAPH. LIFE! – as it happens no matter the location, no matter the context.

So now, when anyone asks me, I can answer without hesitation.

“I am a lifestyle photographer”

I can then leave it to those asking the question to find out what that entails for them. I know what it entails for me.

Life of June in 32


  1. You are the best! I hope a book of your work gets printed someday. I would definitely buy it! I shoot Fuji too and I think you are the #1 X Photographer that Fuji has.

  2. Hi Jonas, I came across your blog through one of your helios lens review and since then I was hooked on for life! I almost converted to Fuji from Canon. =). (it is the video function that keeps me on dark side)
    Term of “lifestyle photographer” sounds very intriguing to me as well.
    I still have a lot more to grow as a filmmaker or photographer but so far, you’ve been influence my work so much.

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