May 365

I know. I’m quite a bit late for the May monthly sum-up of my 365 project.

Reasons for this are multiple, but I can boil it down to one thing. I’m simply too busy with too many things.

I have tried sorting out things that I felt could wait, the monthly 365 sum-up being one of them. But here it is, and June 365 is well underway. It’s getting tougher getting the shot everyday, but I’m hanging in there.

May saw a couple of MAJOR photographic things.

1: I got served a prototype version of the FUJIFILM X-T10 which was just made available for purchase yesterday. The review I made has seen an off-the-charts traffic surge to the site, and I’m incredibly humbled by it.

2: As if I didn’t get enough attention with the X-T10 review, I even got a chance to write an early review of the Fujinon XF90mm f/2. Its such an amazing lens, and to say I am amazed by it would be the understatement of the century.

The above gear reviews off course made an impact on my 365. But not that much since time with them was limited (I actually got it back in June, but thats another story)

Summer is not really catching on here in Denmark so my images are part rain part sun. Well, enough talk. I’ll just leave you with the pictures, and as usual the outtakes. Metadata can be found in the files if needed 🙂

05.15 – In Memoriam