June 365

Still a month behind on gathering, reviewing and uploading the monthly outtakes from my 365, this is the month of june.

I subdivided the 365-site into months, since the gallery was simply getting too heavy on the loading times. Head on over if you havn’t already seen the new layout.


June is such an inspiring month to photograph here in Denmark. The first real summer month (and this year, so far the only one) with children and grownups alike giving in to the freedom of outdoor activities. Its a real treat to a lifestyle photographer. Again trying to spend as much time as I can with my kids, I try and balance out the family shots from this project even though it’s not always easy getting that daily shot.

Some nights I simply have to drive somewhere since I haven’t bagged the shot of the day. The project can be gruesome at times. But I’m hanging in there.

June saw wedding sessions, advertising sessions for Fujifilm and of course street session. This was my June 365.

06.15 – In Memoriam 


3 Thoughts

  1. I really, and I mean REALLY, do love the way you photograph life ! It’s a real pleasure to see all those beautifull moments so well captured. Thank you for all !

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