Paris Outre

Sorry for being so absent on the blog. I have been insanely busy since returning from holidays, so things just sort of stacked up. From the month of July and August I have a combined lot of 2000+ images. This just goes to testify that we LIVED this summer.

We went, we saw, we lived!

This post is about Paris.  I already wrote a small essay over at (If you haven’t seen it, go check it out), but those images were only taken using the Fujifilm X100T as is the definition of our little x100c-collective. I did also bring my other Fujifilm gear (and some Leicas as well) so I thought it would be fitting to show both my chosen X100T images as well as  some images from my X-T1.

Paris is such a gorgeous city, and it really gets under your skin. I have been there many times, but each time I feel it enriches my life just a tad more!

Below are a collection of my street-shots from Paris. I made a copy of the gallery from at the bottom, so that you can view them here as well.

I have the monthly summary posts from my 365 project ready for July and August, so I will post them in a couple of days. Also stay tuned for a fall of vintage lens reviews as well as some other stuff 😉

Hope you had a great summer. I know I sure did!

Paris Outre! – XT1

L’âme de Paris – (see the full post at – X100T


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