July 365


That special month every year. That special month where we as a family join forces to be just that: A family. Vacation time is family time. Geography and location is reduced to mere diminished factors. Not important! As long as we’re together.

July ’14 was spent at home, in our new house, but this year we had a bit more wanderlust. With 3 kids in cargo we drove to France. Camping in a mobilehome near Paris, we set out to gain knowledge of everything from local history, Parisian wildlife as well as theme park fun.

This years holiday was one of the best we’ve ever spent together. Everything just clicked. It was an amazing time that I still reminisce.

July of my 365 is hence bathed in pictures taken “away from home”. Being in foreign places sparks my creativity, and sometimes overload is imminent. But I try to look through the overwhelming amount of stimulus, and stay true to concept of less is more. See subtlety, avoid extravagance.

So this is July. Complete with outtakes. As usual.

07.15 – In Memoriam