In Transit – And Darkness

I started working at a new clinic in the center of Aarhus in the start of october. I live about 14 km south of the citycenter so public transportation has become a part of my daily routine.

Adding to the sudden influx of extra hours roaming the streets is the fading of light and sun-lit hours.

A powerful conditional cocktail for creating moody street images.

Below are images from mostly the month of november. All centered around people in transit. Taken during the early morning hours or late afternoon. Light is sparse, so contrast is high and blacks are deep.




  1. I am always gently captured by your shoots. Is a work of poetry. I deeply love your “regard” upon the world. Many thanks for sharing it.

  2. These are awesome photo’s! Lots of feeling and emotion coming off these portraits. When you are taking the photo’s do you ever have someone ask you not to capture them in photo’s? I was wondering because I actually do Portrait Photography, but I love this line of photography better because people don’t know that you are taking their picture. So instead of fake smiles and looks, your getting the real deal! Just want to give you a thumbs up…..

    1. Never, really. Maybe once or twice. You get a long way with a smile after the shot has been taken. Or, as I often do. Give out my card afterwards. Identifying my identity and intentions. Some times I just sneaks the shot 😉
      Thank you for reading.


  3. I’m always excited to receive your newsletter cause I know I’m gonna see some lovely and inspiring photos everytime. And you never disappoint me 🙂

  4. excellent work Jonas! beautiful sense of esthetics.
    would you tell me please, which camera lens did you use?

    all the best


  5. dear jonas.
    these pictures are a little bit out of earth and that kind of inspiring i can´t explain.
    the black/white one´s remind my on corbjin or besson.
    kind regards from germany

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