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  1. I have not read any reviews of the 18 f2 lens that were complimentary of the lens. I see here it can be used to good effect.

    1. Thanks Steven.

      I really, really like mine! I think the problem is this: It’s a great lens! All Fujinon XF lenses are. But it’s the worst of the bunch when you look at especially corner sharpness. Still way better than many other branded lenses.
      Its main problem is that as a wideangle you’ll use it for landscapes where corner sharpness is crucial. For that it simply isn’t that good.
      On the streets however, its a totally different matter. It’s small (smallest XF lens right behind the 27mm), its one of the fastest focusing XF lenses, it has great contrast.
      This lens is incredible on the streets. I’ve really fallen for it 🙂

      1. Great article and images! I’m also a big fan of the Fuji X System, particularly the XT-1 and their superb Fujinon XF lenses! For instance, I’ve shot landscapes with the amazing XF 16-55 f/2.8 WR Zoom, with very good sharpness edge to edge in a 20×30 inch print! I’m curious though…Do you apply any sharpness in post? I find that most of my images with the Fujifilm X System hardly require ANY sharpness adjustment in post. Thank you, and Happy Holidays to all!

        1. In post I use very minimal sharpness. Thats when the X-Trans files starts to fall apart. They are already plenty sharp right out of the camera.

  2. I shoot a lot with the Fujinon XF18mm lens and find it to be very good indeed. It’s not quite as sharp as the XF14mm lens, which is superb. Thanks for sharing the images, Jonas – appreciated.

    Best, Tony

  3. This is the one lens I’m regretting that I sold it. I’m now debating with myself should I get the new 16mm f/1.4 WR lens (almost a thousand euros) or another sample of this 18mm lens that you can get only for about 250 euros. I really, really loved the images I got from this underrated gem, since I’m mostly people/documentary photographer.

    Also something to mention, is that this is also a lens that can focus pretty close and using the rear LCD display you can poke the camera into lot of interesting situations and fun new angles. Since it’s such a small lens it’s light to maneuver and doesn’t intimidate people.

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