Together they form. Apart they dwell in solace. One exists not without the other. They follow. Follow direction. Natural order. None before the other. These are the days.

Difference in order. And appearance.

X-Pro2 – XF90mm f/2 and MCEX-11



  1. Allways a pleasure to see your photos ! this 90mm looks like a great lens for macro’ish shot to, that’s a really interesting lens …

  2. Wow, great pictures, especially the black and white ones – that seems to be a very good lens!
    Great work, Jonas! 🙂

  3. Stunning pictures… like always on this site 🙂 Jonas, I stumbled upon Your blog a month ago and… it’s my new favourite! Greetings form PL 🙂

  4. Beautiful work as always Jonas! I’m a happy he fan from London. I constantly look forward to your latest photo story. I can’t wait to expand into the world of 56mm and 90mm this year.

  5. Gorgeous and awesome!
    I’ve passed by your pages many times and get information of Helios lens and bought it.
    Can I ask you?
    usually do you take a picture to JPG?
    after taking pictures, do you airbrush them?

  6. Great images as usual, thank you. Was there any issue with MCEX-11, like AF fast or accuracy…

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