Back in June Charlene Winfred, Flemming Bo Jensen and I took a day out of our calendars to make some promo-material for the X-T2. As well as some mini-videos we also did a slightly longer video outlining how I do my productshots for my reviews, as well as for the banners. The two of them did a completely awesome job with the video which you can see below:

Video Credits:
Filmed, edited and produced: Charlene Winfred
Audio engineering: Flemming Bo Jensen
Original score: Rasmus Kjaerbo

I have had some questions as to what kind of gear I use for this, so I thought I would post a little something about it here.

I use 2 softboxes from Lastolite. They’re 60x60cm and 30×30 cm.

I shoot 2 Nissin i40’s in manual mode with Cactus V5 triggers. I’m going to upgrade to V6mk2 soon to get full benefit of HHS functions etc.

Watch the video about the process if you havn’t already. Any questions, I’ll happily answer in the comments. Have a great weekend.