1. I really like this series, especially abstract ones.
    Could you tell me if I’m right with the used techniques:
    #1: long shutter speed with a slight tilt?
    #2: out of focus?
    #4: out of focus directly facing a light source?
    #1, #2 and #4: high iso?

    1. haha. Yeah. It has omgzorz megapixelz overload! 😛
      BUt it is a camera with tons of soul. And the files coming from it are so lovely.

  2. Love it to see frequent updates here. I look for them almost every day. Jonas, you’re really a talented photographer and writer. Keep on.

    1. Hi Heinz.

      Yeah, that is one of my main goals, in this creative liberatin process. I want to spend less time on social media, and more time on the blog. Glad to hear that you have notticed! 😀

      Thank you for sticking around.

    1. Hi Stephan.

      Exactly! – Very liberating. – And that image in your post is scarily similar!! :O – Great shots my friend!!


  3. I absolutely love this direction you’re exploring. It’s quite different from your usual work and very inspiring. Not that your street photography wasn’t, it surely was and still is, but this exploration encourages me to try new ways.

  4. I love coming here and seeing new posts almost everyday as of lately! your work is such an inspiration to all of us! Btw I love your words you include as much as the photos 🙂

  5. hi , i have been viewing your blog for a long time , and you persuaded me with your amazing photos to go for fuji.
    right now i have an x-pro 1 with a vintage lens (hellios 44m) but I’m not very happy with the results and thats probably because of the lens I’m using so i want to buy a original fujifilm lens , but I’m a beginner and i don’t know which lens to go for.
    i will really appreciate it if you could give me your advise .(i mostly do street photography and love to do abstract photography)

  6. It’s encouraging to see you shooting with the x-pro 1 after playing with all of the latest fuji toys. I’ve been shooting with my xpro1 (first camera!) for about a year now and i’m still not too sure I want the xpro2! What a great camera.

  7. Jonas, you always inspire me. I haven’t picked up my camera in a while, bit of a slump but i am in awe of your work. Keep inspiring!

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