Deliberate downscale

I just returned from a great trip to Iceland. Some of you might remember that I had a trip last year as well. I posted my black and white impressions from the country in this post. Back then I also did epic color shots. The ones that you need to take when you’re out travelling. The postcard shots. – I love doing them. They’re pretty. But there’s always this expectation from myself, to myself. – “You must do something a little different. Don’t repeat. Do something else.”
This time around, I had a complete GFX kit with me for the proper landscape stuff. It’s a great machine. Its made for this kind of nature photography. But that is for another blogpost at another point in time.

For now, this is my icelandic alternates. My deliberate attempt to downscale the epic country of Iceland into something personal. Something human, something relational.

Shot using a prototype X100F  – Edited in Capture One 10.



  1. What fantastic travel photography. Postcards are nice; this is better because of its unique character and perspective. Great work! Can’t wait to see more.

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