Hamburg with the X-E3

A month ago I went on a weekend trip with the missus to Hamburg. I usually bring my X100 series cameras on these trips, because it’s such a compact around camera system. But this time I brought the prototype X-E3. Mostly because I had it (this was before september 7th) and I thought it could make for some more shots for my impressions/review of the camera.

As I already wrote about in my initial review, the X-E3 for me is all about the small formfactor and hence the pocketabillity. This is the main selling point of this camera for me.

This isn’t another writeup of the specs of the X-E3 – I did that already. This is just a photoessay from a weekend in Hamburg, Germany – where we just happened to run into a Pride parade.

All images shot with Fujifilm X-E3 prototype and XF35mm f/1.4 or XF23mm f/2