Hamburg with the X-E3

A month ago I went on a weekend trip with the missus to Hamburg. I usually bring my X100 series cameras on these trips, because it’s such a compact around camera system. But this time I brought the prototype X-E3. Mostly because I had it (this was before september 7th) and I thought it could make for some more shots for my impressions/review of the camera.

As I already wrote about in my initial review, the X-E3 for me is all about the small formfactor and hence the pocketabillity. This is the main selling point of this camera for me.

This isn’t another writeup of the specs of the X-E3 – I did that already. This is just a photoessay from a weekend in Hamburg, Germany – where we just happened to run into a Pride parade.

All images shot with Fujifilm X-E3 prototype and XF35mm f/1.4 or XF23mm f/2



  1. Fantastic images as usual Jonas. I’m really impressed by this latest E series and it might be a good option as a second body to my X-T2. Thanks, Walt.

  2. Very good stuff. The composition and colors is outstanding, congratulations. I think this is a great camera,an evolution of the first batch.

  3. Great images, Jonas!

    How did you find XF35mm f/1.4 compared to XF35mm f/2 on X-E3? I had XF35mm f/1.4 on X-E1 in the past and it was rather slow to focus. Is there a significant improvement of autofocus speed with that lans on the new body?

    1. Hey Anton. Thank you very much.
      I have always loved my 35mm f/1.4 – I got it with my X-Pro1, and even though it has gotten better with its own firmware updates as well as with the newer bodies, I still have times where I curse it to hell and back – But 95% of the time I love it to the moon and back. it’s like a marriage I guess! πŸ˜€
      On the X-E3 it performs just like on the other new-gen Fujifilm bodies. It is still not as fast or accurate as the XF35mm f/2 – But thats another story.

  4. Nice images Jonas. Comparing the XT100 with its 27mm fixed lens and the X-E3 with its 27mm f2, do you find there is a huge difference in handling and if so how does this affect your picture-taking?

      1. Hey man. Not much difference. I wrote about the more handling-oriented aspects in my review here on the site a few weeks back. You can check that out.
        I love my X100F with all my heart. That will never change, but there is some versatility in being able to change lenses. But if all you ever shoot is 23mm – then go for the F. It’s the full package, that one.

  5. Just goes to show J you can please some people some of the time but not all people all the time! Great pics btw, and a touch of class in your reply to previous chap! Respect!

  6. Jonas I’m a big fan, both of your real-world reviews and your simplistic, directionless visual noise. Keep up the good work!

  7. I like that you presented both b&w and color, as well as day and night options. Did I read correctly that the 35 1.4 was slower to focus than the f2. I’m considering the X-E3 to couple with my X-T2. Thanks for sharing & Good work!

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