I’m way behind on blogging. I know this. Recently it has been all about the reviews. They take a lot of time for me to write, so the personal blogging stuff gets pushed aside a bit.

GFX 50s – Minolta Rokkor 58mm f/1.4

Today we spent some time with some dear friends, and we decided to go to a small farm-sale. Complete with highland cattle et al.
I thinks its nice for the kids to experience these kinds of things. We probably don’t do it enough.

X-H1 – Mitakon 35mm f/0.95

Analogue section to my site is underway. I’m shooting so much film these days, that I think it warrants its own section. So stay tuned for that.

For now, I’ll leave you with a  MOO!




7 Thoughts

  1. you think the mitakon 0.95 benefits a lot from the stabilasation in your opinion?
    I have the 85 1.2 + speedbooster aswell. therefore IBIS would definately a nice gimmick.

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