Moving in close – A look at the Fujifilm MCEX-18G and MCEX-45G

So this post is more like a supplement to the GF250mm f/4 R LM OIS WR review than an actual review, cause let’s face it – it’s a bit silly to do reviews of macro-tubes, right? (yes, I know I have done one in the past. Now shush! 😛 )

GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-45G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-45G

None the less I got the tubes sent over for product shooting, so I thought I’d try them out. I did a post a while back on the MCEX-11 for the X-series, it’s a piece of kit that I still use quite often when I want to go in a bit closer with my XF56mm f/1.2 lens.
This exact thing was what I found myself doing using the MCEX-18G WR. I found it to be much more useful for me than the MCEX-45G WR. – But stacking them was actually quite fun.

The eye-shot above was shot indoors with rather poor lighting, so the ISO was at 1600. This is why OIS is great for macro, since you can turn your shutter speed way down.

GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-45G – (pity about only one eye in focus. Oh well)

What I really like is how these macro tubes can transform your favourite portrait lens, that usually has quite the poor near-focusing limit, into a lens that can really fill the frame with a face. This is exactly what the combination of the GF110mm f/2 R WR and the MCEX-18G tube does. It gives you a lot more creative freedom, and that is always quite welcome around my house.

When used in conjunction with the GF120mm f/4 R LM OIS WR the MCEX-45G WR turns that lens into a true 1:1 macrolens. – I didn’t have the time to test this out since I only had the tubes for 6 days (and I had to test the GF250 and TC1.4 at the same time), but I’m quite certain that I get to try that combination soon.

When doing my packshots for I use either the XF60mm f/2.4 or I borrow a GF120mm f/4 for the closeup detail shots. But this time I could just use my GF110mm f/2 in combination with either tube. It worked like a charm. So this little accessory will really give you GF110mm f/2 some added value for money!

GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G

Below are 3 uninspiring shots of some flowers. Shot with GF110mm and then with the 18mm tube and then the 45mm tube, all at the closest possbile focussing distance. The difference is quite pronounced, and speaks for itself.

The macrotubes are a welcome addition to the GF lineup, and I will definitely purchase both of them. They give my existing lenses some great versatility. I’ll end this post with some samples taken with the tubes and the GF110mm f/2.

GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-45G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-45G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G
GFX – GF110mm f/2 + MCEX-18G


  1. Great work as always! Love your latest posts, I’m just a XT2 user but look forward to seeing all of your reviews. That green leaf shot is simple wonderful. Luke

  2. Hi Jona hows the 110 with an extension tube compare to the 120mm macro, is there a need for both lenses? Looking to do food and product shooting in addition to portraits.


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