We spent our summer vacation in sunny Croatia. I had heard from friends and acquaintances that it was a gorgeous place to visit. So we decided that this year we would head that way this summer.

Island hopping at its finest. X100F

So we did.

We drove 2000 km from Århus, Denmark to Biograd, Croatia near Zadar and Split.
The kids were outstanding. They’ve grown so much. In all aspects.

The camp site wasn’t much. It didn’t even have a pool. That actually turned out to be a good thing since the camping site and our rented Mobile-home became reduced to nothing but a base. A place to sleep.

The perfect street scenes – X100F

Instead we drove out, experienced ancient, exotic cities, epic national parks, island hopping and beaches, whose beauty I cannot begin to describe with words.

So this was our summer holiday. And for once I didn’t have to test out any cameras, so I chose what felt right for the occasions. Rather simple. X100F for cities, and GFX50s for nature and scenic shots. I also brought a Mamiya 645 and a Contax G. But that is for another post.

Sunset stitch – GFX

For now, here is my summer holiday in images. And whaddayouknow, it’s my first proper blogpost in a long time. Let’s hope to continue that streak.

The Krka Nationalpark was something else. The main attraction is the large riverbased waterfalls where you’re actually able to swim. We had 38 degrees that day, and the humidity rose exponentially while walking towards the riverbanks at the valley. It was so worth it. All these images were shot on the GFX50s

One of the things I liked most about Croatia was their street setting in the cities that we visited. Everything from bigger cities to small cities, all had a definite and distinct charm to them. It was truly amazing to take pictures in those settings.

The below gallery of street shots are mostly shot on X100F. It’s the perfect camera for me.

And then there was all the stuff in between. All the memorable moments, where you just push the trigger as to preserve that precious moment in time.