When the floor dust settles

So, the show is indeed over. Photokina 2018 has come to an end. Or actually it ended three days ago. But who’s counting anyway.
For those of you who haven’t ever been to a spectacle such as Photokina, I really can not begin to describe what kind of a marketing show it is. And yet I was there as part of marketing. That’s the brand ambassadors dilemma. Maintaining creative integrity despite.
I was presenting at the Fujifilm Live Stage. That was my main purpose for attending. My chosen purpose. It’s what landed me an invitation.
And while giving my talks was an absolutely fantastic experience and an honour in its own right, it was not at all what I will remember as the highlight of this Photokina.
It will also not be all the new gear announced and tried out.

No, the memory I have from ‘Kina 2018 is about those around me. My creative brothers and sisters within the X-photographers circle. The fantastic presence and generosity from the Japanese wizards that I’m so lucky to call my friends. The endless conversations with new and old acquaintances.
Big partysetups, random afternoon beer meetings, small cozy dinners and huge meet-ups. The scenes were set. Everyday and every night. Yes, it is indeed about all those people.

So here is my photojournal of those 6 days in Cologne. Randomness at best.

Shot on the GFX 50R – “Tokyo-gang” shot on X100F


“The floor”

“The City”

“The cozy times”

“The Tokyo Gang”



  1. Great article, Jonas! I always appreciate yours, Kevin’s, Partrick La Roque’s, Val’s, and other X-Photographers perspective about what is really important: people, connection, emotional, vision, inspiration, new perspectives. If we’re not using our inspiration to create and deliver on a phootgraphic vision to connect and resonate with people, then we have failed as photographers.

    Stephen Scharf
    Racing The Light Photography

  2. What lens did you use for the f1 pictures with the GFX 50R?
    Best regards Björn

  3. What I like about your style is the aliveness of your shots. You often give a damn about sharpness, however your shots transport a kind of raw beauty which – in my opinion – is much more appealing than all the never- ending obsession for technical perfection, more detail, blablaba.

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