A GFX100 session

Hey guys and girls. A little quick post today. It’s part of a promise that I gave to myself that it doesn’t have to be over-the-top-super-review-time every time I decide to share a little something on this blog. I want it to be more like back in the day, where I enjoyed to just upload random stuff to the site.

I was part of a demo-night of the new Fujifilm GFX100 (review here) at Mimosa foto store in Aarhus. I was demoing the camera, but mostly giving on-the-fly pointers in regards to lighting and model posing for the attendants. They were the ones who had to have a great experience.

My partner in crime for the evening was Brian Mogensen, who owns the local denim store Blue Caviar. He isn’t a model, but he has a very photogenic face, so.

Anyway. Enough rambling. Here are a couple of my quick setup shots and examples.
Lighting was a single Godox AD200 through a 60cm deep umbrella.


  1. Hi Jonas,
    thanks for fine reporting on the frontline as usual!
    I am just curious, what can we really see the difference if you (or whoever) run a side by side shots using GFX 50 and GFX 100 of identical subjects and conditions?
    I assume we’ll see little difference on screen, but for those GFX 50 user like myself who never or seldom make prints over 2 meter by 4 meter, what’s the point of having 100 mega p or 200 in a few years?
    Could you shed some lights?

    1. Hej man. – Unless you print, or need the cropping power – then nothing. There will be no visible difference. Right now you’ll end up struggling with larger files and longer loading times.
      So if you already have a 50mp MF camera – you’re quite set for now.
      The real benefit of the GFX100 is in the handling. The IBIS and the PDAF

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