Random at best


  1. Great shots as always!!! You should be blogging more frequently. Recently discovered your blog and almost running out of posts to read.

  2. Always love seeing your images Jonas! Hoping we might see some from the 50mm f1 when it’s released!

  3. I’m enjoying your new site and as much as I really like your gear reviews, this has made a really pleasant change to take the time and look at your images. I’m working in the Caribbean at the moment (6 months a year for the last 9) and have lost my photographic inspiration. Now, having seen this collection and armed with Fuji’s latest kit I’m now biting at the bit for a full week-end off work to shoot some photos. Thanks Jonas!

  4. Great photos, I’ve just recently found your blog. Out of curiosity do you use the in-camera simulations and, if so, would you mind sharing your settings?

    1. I sometimes do. When I do I mainly use Acros or Classic Neg. The latter with -1 highlights, and -1 shadows.
      These are from RAW though.

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