Monet Morning

Misty morning landscapes. Hazy but clear, with fall colours dressed in gold. The sun breaks through, illuminating shadowsides, casting long black tentacles. Contrast is overwhelming, yet the palette is like little Monet paintings.

X-T1 w/23mm f/1.4. Velvia simulation.


  1. For someone who is known (to me at least) as a superb street photographer these landscape images are sublime! And when I think of Velvia I think of the saturated greens but the golden hues in these images just sparkle! Kudos! Thee first image with the fog / mist in the trees evokes a feeling of a very cold late autumn / early winter morning in the field. I think my favorite of the group is the one with the pond with the sky reflected in the foreground. Given the leafless trees it could either be late fall or early spring (if I saw the image without the context of the other images or your text) and given the golden / coppery hues it makes me feel warm. I also enjoy the “chiaroscuro” (light / dark or roughly shadows from the Italian) effect you have achieved to frame the focal points in each image. Where were these taken?

    1. Hi Michael. Thank you very much for stopping by. And thank you so very much for taking the time to write such a comprehensive comment. I’m very flattered.

      Yes, the Velvia simulation can do AMAZING things, given the right light.

      The images were all taken in Denmark near my home 🙂


  2. I get the feeling you don’t need people telling you how perfect your shots are… ’cause it’s OBVIOUS. 🙂 Lovely shots.

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