Graphite Silver: My X-T1 review part 2b

(Click for Part 1 & Part 2 of the extensive X-T1 review)

Sorry for dragging my review of the X-T1 in the long. The reasons herefore are multiple. When Fujifilm annouched the Graphite Silver version of this magnificent camera, I was smitten! The thing just looked amazing. As a sucker for pretty thing I decided to put my “old” black X-T1 up for sale, so as to acquire this new shiny version. Other than that life has kept me busy in general. Oh, and did I mention that Fujifilm made me an official X-photographer? So, busy busy busy.


Contrary to many of my (street) photographer colleagues I actually like my cameras silver and black as opposed to black only. The whole stealthy aspect of black in black is in my eyes a bit overrated. You basically have a big lens with shiny glass attached to the front of it. (Placing Gaffertape in front of that can lead to some weird artefacts in your images 😛 )

So this part of the review is basically just my saying some stuff about the design of an object. Apart from a firmware upgrade this thing is exactly the same as the black version.

Innards, same. EVF, same, Amazing controls, same.

So lets talk about the look of this thing. HO-LY SMOKES! 😐


This thing is so amazingly well designed that I actually place it on my nightstand. Geeky, yes. But this thing is the next-sexiest thing I’ve ever handled. (Wifey, love ya! )

Fujifilm wasn’t messin’ around when they decided on a paint-job. Apparently this paint job is made up of multiple very thin layers of slightly different silver color paint. The result is something that looks and feels like Titanium alloy! I heard some initial impression stating that this made it look plasticy. All I can say to that is “not really”. This coating is something else. I have not handled a camera product that feels this refined apart from a Leica. It’s definitely on par with the masters of camera design and build. All I can say, is you need to try one of these at your camera store. Take it outside, see it reflect the daylight. It’s amazing!

So what is all this thing about the firmware.

Well. It has an updated firmware that gives it (in my opinion)  3 cool updates.

1: Electronic shutter up to 1/32.000s

2: Natural Live View EVF

3: Classic Chrome film simulation

There are a multitude of other things going on with the firmware which you can read about here

1. The Electronic shutter. This thing is very cool. It means that I can now use my fast primes wide open under pretty much any condition and never have to worry about using an ND filter. This is so great. It’s also (of course) completely silent, since there is no manual moving parts action involved in a sensor readout! Pretty handy for stealthy situations.

It does have a rolling shutter effect. This is a limitation of an electronic shutter since the readout “rolls” from one side of the sensor to the other, rendering fast moving subjects such as cars, as distorted sometimes.

For general photography usage this should be no problem. But I’ll have to get back to you on that in a couple of months.

2. Natural Live View EVF gives you the opportunity to check the shadow detail in the image in the EVF before taking the shot. This can be pretty convenient in high dynamic range situations such as landscapes where you meter the sky, rendering the foreground dark. The Natural Live View mode compensates this, and makes using the already formidable EVF even better and more like an OVF.

3. This film simulation is pretty cool. A very natural looking film simulation, meant to simulate Kodachrome films. It succeeds to an extent. I still prefer Velvia 🙂


All in all using the GS is the same as using the black version (obviously) and come mid-december the entire X-T1 line will have the firmware functions introduced in the GS.

But the feel of this camera is just freakishly amazing. The design and finish is beyond describable in words. You really need to hold one of these.

Some shots below of this amazing piece of tech.

DSCF8517 DSCF8519 DSCF8508