That Classic Feeling – Classic Chrome

One of the features that I looked forward to trying in the new batch of Fujifilm cameras was indeed the new film simulation “Classic Chrome”. It offers a very natural color palette. It has that feeling comparable to a very elegant lady in the room at a party. Her makeup is subtle, stringent, yet noticeable. Her clothing is classy. Not screaming “see me!”, but rather saying “You can’t help noticing me.”

Reviewing the first couple of shots I took using the simulation I was rather disappointed. The pictures seemed all but natural. Having a brownish/yellowish tint. Looking dull, and almost grey’ish in aesthetics.

That was until I took my camera outside. Give this film simulation daylight, and this is where the magic happens. This is when you see that classic subtle elegant rendering that you will not find in any of the other Fujifilm simulations.

I have a feeling that this simulation will stay as a go-to for my jpegs for a long time!

X-T1 – Classic Chrome Simulation


  1. For those who can’t afford to buy another Fujifilm camera with a pre-installed Classic Chrome film simulation, what Lightroom filter would you recommend to achieve this look if I shoot in raw format?

  2. Hej Jonas.
    Verkligen fina bilder. Jag äger en X-T1 och jag undrar vad du har för inställningar i Classic Chrome?
    Sharpness, colour och så vidare.

    /Jens Bryner

  3. Hey Jonas, was wondering if you made any in-camera adjustments to the CC film setting. Or have any recommendations as far as highlights etc etc. Lovely pictures. Thank you.

    – Sam

    1. Hi Sam. I always crank the highlights and shadows to +2. I like that extra contrast. Other than that, not really. – Thank you for reading. /J

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