January 365

Time to do a small status update on my 365 project. I knew that this project would be hard for me. After all I’m a father of three, a husband, a doctor… and homeowner of a 1970’s built house! So projects galore. Alas, I simply had to had to do another project…go figure! Now, I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. Would I even get a shot every day? Would it be of acceptable quality?

I set myself some basic rules.

  • No model/studio shots
  • Only use natural/available light
  • Use only Fujifilm cameras

Other than that I urged myself to NOT limit myself to any genres. I wanted to do this to explore and evolve my photography. Explore my curiosity, my creativity. My photographic eye.

The first 31 photos have been taken. It requires disciplin, but I’m now confident that I can actually do this…. So bring on february!

The link to my project is in my menu above. Alternatively you can hit the link below if you want to keep up with this project on a daily basis.


Below are the first chosen 31 + some outtakes

01.15. In memoriam.

The Outtakes