13 x 1 x 2

Today I had my first day of 60 days of paternity leave. Being fortunate enough to have 3 children grace my life is something that I can never put into words how much I love. Its simply my raison d’etre. This third time around I decided to take paternity leave for a couple of months. I actually started a week ago, but today was the official first day. My son and I went on a casual midday stroll through the city.

It was a perfectly blissful snowy day. Not much wind, just little flakes of snow, setting the scene, setting the mood. Emil was happy as ever, enjoying the danish winter from his front row seat in the stroller.

The quiet calm made people seem isolated. Alone with the silence. In the city…. And then there was 2.

X-T1 – 23mm f/1.4


2 thoughts on “13 x 1 x 2

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