3 Days Graced

Work started again, and I’m thrilled about it. I love what I do. Being able to practice medicine is such a privilege that I treasure every day. A big part of being a practitioner, is needing to keep up with the latest knowledge of medical- as well as health administrative tasks.

– Conferences and courses.

I started off with a 3 day course of internal and external healthcare management by the danish health care council. Courses like this are great, and I feel privileged whenever I attend. This one was held in Copenhagen, our charming capital.

Combining my life as a healthcare professional with my passion for photography is not always easy, since time is always sparse. These 3 days was however different.

– I found a balance.

– I found my 3 days of grace.

All images with the X-T1 and the X100T

Day 1Accomodations and Nights

Day 2 – Lines, Faces & Fellowship

Day 3 – Streets, Everlonging


  1. Fantastic images, I am glad you found your grace. I, too, am a healthcare professional (Radiation Therapist) and digital artist and I totally understand the scarcity of time. I look forward to seeing more of your work. 🙂

  2. Great shots. I’m also a clinical pathologist but already retired! I love your blog and your experiences with the old lens!

  3. @jr050680 cool! Do you have any difficulties doing street photography with manual lenses? I just thought it would be hard to capture the moment and dial manual focus at the same time.

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