Lars & Maria

I had the distinct pleasure of being the photographer at my childhood friend Lars’ wedding. It was a beatiful sunny day in Denmark, and visiting my hometown made it all the more nostalgic.

Lars & Maria share the kind of love that genuinly makes you smile in joy. They have this profound respect for eachother, and the entire day just oozed with this overwhelming feeling of happiness. It was truly a joy to observe.

I shot the wedding in my typical documentary style, with a posed session in the middle of the day.

I would, once again, like to wish Lars & Maria the very best for their future together. Such great people deserve great lives. 🙂

Photographed using 2 X-T1 bodies, the XF14mm, XF23mm, XF35mm, XF56mm as well as the Helios 44m-4. I also used the X100T for some afternoon documentary.  

the 4 stages of wedding: Prep, Promise, Pose & Party