Lars & Maria

I had the distinct pleasure of being the photographer at my childhood friend Lars’ wedding. It was a beatiful sunny day in Denmark, and visiting my hometown made it all the more nostalgic.

Lars & Maria share the kind of love that genuinly makes you smile in joy. They have this profound respect for eachother, and the entire day just oozed with this overwhelming feeling of happiness. It was truly a joy to observe.

I shot the wedding in my typical documentary style, with a posed session in the middle of the day.

I would, once again, like to wish Lars & Maria the very best for their future together. Such great people deserve great lives. 🙂

Photographed using 2 X-T1 bodies, the XF14mm, XF23mm, XF35mm, XF56mm as well as the Helios 44m-4. I also used the X100T for some afternoon documentary.  

the 4 stages of wedding: Prep, Promise, Pose & Party






13 thoughts on “Lars & Maria

    1. Hi Jonas. Thank you very much my friend! Means a lot coming from you! I didn’t really use flash much. I used the Nissin i40 on the shots of the family below the tree, and then two Nissins off camera for the fitness/bathroom shots. The rest is all Fujifilm ISO and sunlight 😉

  1. Great pictures Jonas.
    I’ll be in a wedding in late May. Since I’ll be there as a guest, I have decided to bring with me only one lens
    I have X-T1 with 14, 23, 35, and 56mm
    Which lens would you recommend to use in a wedding?


    1. Hi Pål. Thank you very much for reading.
      If I was to take only one lens, it would be the 23mm. It’s so incredibly versatile. But if your table isn’t near the main table, then you might miss the reach of the 56. But the 23 would definitely be my first choice!

  2. Hi Jonas! I loved this assortment of pictures. What a lovely job you did of capturing the moments that make such an event so special and memorable. I know your friend felt truly blessed to have your lenses watching over the festivities!

  3. Beautiful couple only further complimented by the stunning photography, they must be so incredibly in love with how these turned out! Such lucky friends, all the best to you all

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