Weekend state of mind

This past week has been crazy. On so many levels. Last friday Fujifilm finally had the embargo lifted on the X-Pro2 and X70 among other things. This meant that I could finally scream out to the world how amazing these two cameras really are.

And I got a chance to scream it out to A LOT of you! Thank you so much for all your kind comments, your curiosity for questioning and just general positive attitude. It means the world to me, and I have tried to answer all your questions as fast as I can.

So now I sit and ponder. – What a ride.

X-Pro2 preproduction with XF35mm f/2 and XF90mm f/2




  1. Your review of the X-Pro 2 made me want to buy that camera in a heartbeat. I’ve never seriously considered Fuji because of the low resolution, but at 24MP, I think I’m about to add it to my arsenal. Which lens did you use to take the shot in the bottom left-hand corner above?

  2. Some great reviews!! Every time I read one of your reviews, I want New gear😂. Think I’ll pick up an x70 when they come out. Do you think it’s redundant if I already have an X100T?

    1. The wide angle conversion lens gets you the same focal length for less than half the money. Unless you want ultra portability. That’s the only advantage I can see.

      1. Although its “only” 7mm difference (in 35mm equivalent) I find I shoot quite differently with 35mm and 28mm. As a 50mm shooter originally, 35mm isn’t that different, just more stuff in the frame, but at 28mm the “wide angle” perspective starts in kick in more noticeably and has to be managed / used. So apart from the small size, which I think is great, your “product” (the photos) will noticeably different, even if the specs are similar.

    2. If the 28mm fov is your thing then maybe. But the wcl is also a great option for you. Although nowhere near as sharp as the x70 lens.

  3. Have you used the 60MM Macro lens and if so could you comment:
    1) How does it compare to the 90MM?
    2) Which do you prefer?

    Thanks! Love your work and look forward to your photos (art) each day on instagram.

    1. Hi Shelly. Never tried the 60mm macro lens, so I can’t compare sorry. The xf90mm plus mice macro ring is a good combination for macro work I think. It covers my needs, but I’m NOT a macro photographer. Not even a little! 😀 Thank you so much for those kind words, and I’m glad to have you following on IG as well! /J

  4. Thank you for your wonderful reviews of both the X70 and the X-Pro2. Your reviews were very instrumental in my decision to preorder both cameras. I’m only sorry that I don’t have your talent to really do them justice. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. your review and pictures are amazing..make me want to buy xpro2 : )
    i have a question , i like to take landscape pics, is it x70 plus wcl (became 21mm) good option to buy?
    thanks in advance for your info

    1. Hi Dani. Yes I would say so. I canøt really comment on the quality of the new WCL X70 since I havn’t tried it yet. But if it doesn’t soften too much, then the combo will be one of fujis sharpest options. You could also buy the XF14mm f/2.8 which is a really fantastic lens

      1. thanks Jonas for the reply, you convince me on x70 : ) so it will be x70 with wcl accompanying my current x100s for the travel..really thanks Jonas

  6. Just stopping by to say thank you for a great webbsite and awesome reviews!
    My wallet hates you, my camera loves you 😉

    Keep it up!

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